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Demo was super short, but I enjoyed it. Took me about 30 min to finish. Story is interesting, if a bit disturbing at times.

If the animals are seen as normal people, why do they take each other's parts? That's like a human killing another human and taking their teeth. A little unsettling, haha. I wanted to play more in order to find the answer.

Thank you mate! This is perfect!  I use windows 10.

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Hey mate. I really like this game, but there is one issue. The Help document only shows categories, and no actual text. I was hoping to do some research before really starting, but nothing is showing up for me.

I've played the demo twice and I really enjoyed it. Watching D7's stream, I can see you put a lot more work into it, and it looks fantastic. Cheers mate.

Congratulations mate. I hope your game does well. I'll have to get it when I get some time.

Heya! This plugin looks fantastic! Does it come with the water/fire/fog images shown in the pictures? If not, where could I find those? The water looks incredible

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Hey mate. I absolutely love this plugin. Thanks so much for your hard work

Love them!

Glad to hear. Just bought this pack and 'll definitely be using it in my game!

This looks amazing! Any chance you guys will be doing an outside mountain range type? Or a jungle?

Really cool playthrough mate. Love your laid-back vibe

Thank you so much mate. I appreciate you following through on this plugin. I hope VisuStella can help you, and I believe there is a good chance they will. I submitted a request to them a few weeks ago and they got it fixed almost immediately.

I personally cannot use the basic attack command since I use the battle voice plugin and it doesn't fire correctly if I use action sequence and the camera, oddly enough, so I have to have a unique action for each character so they can play their own sounds. Additionally the mages' attacks are coded differently as well 

I am grateful for your continued work on this plugin and the way you're updating me on it. I am excited to see the progress being made

These are absolutely gorgeous! Amazing job my friend!

No worries at all mate. I log on at least once a day and will be more than happy to provide assistance.

I am excited to see what developments you'll make. Thank you!

I love these so much! You did an incredible job!

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All right, so there is some more progress here! I added the ACSET Each target action instead of just the Action Effect, and my character now actually plays 2 animations now when she attacks! Hooray for progress! Haha! So now, the only thing that doesn't work is that she is still causing both instances of main-hand damage, since she's dealing 2 ~10s and not one 10 and one ~1. I have one animation set to a slash, and the other lightning, and both animations play the way you have in your gif.  Adding the <dual wield skill> skill did nothing to the animations playing or altering the damage - both swings still do mainhand damage.

Interestingly enough, changing the ACSET to All instead of Each plays one animation and shows 2 damage numbers (both mainhand) like before, but Each does the two animations the way you have in your gif.

Were each of these tests done successively, from the same instances of the game? 


Did you have one actor who had all of these skills set, and just used them one after eachother in the same battle test without resetting in between?


$gameParty.leader()._numAttacks while choosing her attack does say Undefined. Oddly enough after she attacks, and tabbing over, replacing the formula, it still says undefined. Changing back to the Skill 1 attack with no AS (Gonna use that for action sequence from now on) the number does change to 0 after she attacks.

It possibly means that the MECH: Action Effect command in the AS does not actually trigger the dual wield attack mechanic.

Dual Wield only affects the default attack skill, but it also has a function that checks if the action being used is the 'attack skill', which in RMMV was used by the YEP Weapon Unleash plugin to 'replace' the attack command with other skills. Because this plugin specifically uses the AttackTimes+ trait, which only affects the default attack skill, any skill that the engine doesn't consider the default attack will remain unaffected. 

This definitely seems to be true, since my character's skill is not the default attack skill. But even so, the default attack skill with AS doesn't seem to proc correctly, hence 2 instances of off-hand damage.

It sounds like you're using an Equip Skills plugin to set the attack skill,...

Definitely. using Battle commands replacement from Visustella.

In RMMZ, there is a trait to set the 'attack skill', instead of equipping a different skill as the basic attack, try setting a trait on the class to change the attack skill to the same exact copy of the default attack skill with no action sequence, and see what happens.

After doing so, she does indeed attack twice, but both damage appear to be mainhand damage. I even set off-hand multiplier to 0.1 and she is still doing the same as her mainhand attack. This is a bit of progress though, since she does attack twice with a skill that isn't the basic attack command.

To make a skill that only strikes twice if the user is dual wielding, you'd have to add in a section in your action sequence locked behind an if check that checks to see if the actor is currently dual wielding.

Makes a lot of sense.

I could have a conditional in the AS that checks for a state given by all off-hand weapons that can trigger it (something that gives "is dual wielding" or something like that), so there's something. But how to trigger the off-hand attack eludes me.

This is my AS.

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Thank you for your reply mate. I was at work the whole day so I had to wait forever just to reply.  I just did a whole bunch of tests so I'll put my findings here.

1. Character has dual wield set to the basic attack Skill 1 (Slot 1), with no action sequence. She attacks twice, playing both animations, deals mainhand and off-hand damage as they are supposed to be. Everything is fine.

2. Character has dual wield set to a different Skill that is an exact copy of the basic Attack command of Skill 1. Both with and without action sequence yielded the same result. One animation plays, she deals mainhand damage only.

3. Character has dual wield set to the basic attack Skill 1 with an action sequence.  Her slash animation plays only once, but she deals two sets of damage numbers, however, both are roughly half of her main-hand damage. She should be dealing 10ish and 6ish, but both numbers are never higher than 6s unless she crits.

4. Character has dual wield set to a different Skill that is an exact copy of the basic Attack command of Skill 1, but with the <Dualwield Skill> tag in note field. Both with and without action sequence yielded the same result. One animation plays, she deals one instance of mainhand damage only, damage is correct.

5. Character has dual wield set to a different Skill that is an exact copy of the basic Attack command of Skill 1, but with the <Dual wield Skill> tag in note field. Both with and without action sequence yielded the same result. One animation plays, she deals one instance of damage only, damage is half of what it should be (off-hand damage maybe?).


In all tests, the Actor (Actress?) has the dual wield tag given to her by her class.

$gameParty.leader().isArmedOffhand() yields True

$gameParty.leader().MHCalc() yields 10, which is most likely right Mainhand is (base 7 + weapon 5) x .9 = 10.8, so the game rounds down.

$gameParty.leader().OHCalc() yields 5.  (7 + 1) x .75 = an exact 6, so it's a wee bit lower than it should be.

$gameParty.leader().attackTimesAdd() does yield 1.

The skill is using a custom action sequence. If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. I'm happy to help.

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Hello, I just bought this plugin, and I am using action sequences with my game. The second attack never seems to happen at all, no matter what I do. Mainhand weapon is tagged as mainhand, off-hand is tagged as offhand, and both are equipped, and my char has Dual Wield slot active, but my character only does one attack.

Oddly enough, other skills from my mage characters are showing their "weapon multiplier" numbers as 0 now.

Looks great, you guys! Can definitely see a use for this tileset in my current game I'm working on.

Would love a snow/ice outside tileset, as well as one focusing on fantasy interiors, be it inns, shops, and such.

All the best, and thanks again!

Incredible! Thanks so much for your work on these!

Absolutely incredible work, mate

These are all really cool!

A  great game, and very unique. 

Playing this game right now, and I absolutely love it.

A wonderful game. Really enjoy it, and it's definitely worth your time. Great battles and balance, and not much grinding needed in order to win. I love it.