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He died for our sins

I think I did get 12 or 13 coins, I replayed to check and I counted 12 of them but I don’t remember how or if I got the 13th one. The vending machine was like “3 more!” “2 more!” “1 more!” and then the ending trigerred. So I did get it by getting (probably) all the quarters

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This is the coolest glitching I experienced

And at the end.. Rabbit turned into mutilated mush

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Pretty sure I got every quarter, vending machine now says “BUY THE FULL GAME!” and rabbit got stuck inside with glasses. This is rewarding

25:08 - 52:11

And I actually beat it! Proof: At the end there is minecraft portal that teleports to the beginning of your video


AEwVS Full Fanon is now Cancelled. I am Andreaz’s friend I can confirm

AEwVS Full Fanon is now Cancelled. I am Andreaz’s friend I can confirm

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I nominate you for the best comment of All Time

I broke out of bounds

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History of this comment section

To be honest jumping into that hole at the end with the computer is the hardest part for some reason LOL

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11 deaths and 3:25. You know, for a non-speedrun casual player I am pretty proud of this

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I mocked Alie as karma

nice game buddo

I miss my friends like you wouldn’t believe I have done everything I wanted to do alone now the only thing that is keeping me away from logging in is the exam and studying for it

This is what happened when angellica get angry

Simply to balance other skills/experiences in life, though I am not sure if I succeeded. At one point I got so addicted to itch that I played for multiple hours every day, for 2 years straight! That is no exaggeration. Rated 1,692 games, and even more played that I chose not to rate. I stopped watching movies, reading books, started slacking in school just to play games. So I forced willpower + burnout to stop playing games, because after such a long playtime it gets tiring, I got done in 2022. Though I really miss playing games. Maybe someday I will have time to play random games again, and possibly share with others in form of art videos. It’s a sad story, but I don’t regret a second of my playtime!

To be truthful I am already experiencing nostalgia for this site. I joined 5 and a half years ago and played daily. until last year I chose to quit. I consider myself to be youthful, 17 now. I spent my whole teenhood on this site, and it was the best part of it, the choice of games inspired me artistically for decades to come, I write this because I feel lonely in nostalgia for this while my friends experience nostalgia for conventionally normal games like Mario.

Death Grips?

Is this 3D Groove inspired?

I think waiting for something to happen is both a great and awful choice. Great because it’s unique and not seen in many games, but on the other side it was tremendously unintuitive and I had to read the comment section for explanation. I was ready to turn it off before I read that comment.

Sure, just set your priorities as you want and have fun while playing. I do prioritize world records in obscure games and hope to continue my “making most out of obscure titles” career on YouTube.

But about the first paragraph of your message, personally I believe a spectacular record in an obscure game is more remarkable for history than let’s say, a decent casual non-wr play in fortnite or among us, because less people do it you are more likely to be the best. Which is why if you try to wr speedrun minecraft for example, all chances are against you, but something less known you can get a wr if you try hard enough. But if you do manage to get a fantastic achievement in a popular game (e.g sans no hit or 20/20/20/20 in FNAF) that’s great! This paragraph is just my opinion

Try to think less and just enjoy it, at the end the entertainment industry is just to have fun. YouTube videos are a good way to document your achievements for others to see but if you don’t, that’s fine too, it’s not like you will get a world record or anything. I have done some crazy game things (e.g Ludwig’s God Gamer Gauntlet) I never uploaded, just for fun, just to feel better.

Consider optimistic absurdism in regards to this and just laugh it off

Don’t have them anymore

I kept the guides specifically to help. Everything else I removed because it was not making the world a better place. Although, I never felt like my personal achievements were thrown away, because if anybody wanted to see my skill or accomplishments in the game, the guides already show that to those who are interested, even if mentioned in passing. The iceberg video is an hour long summary of both the game in it’s entirety, and my skills too without being too intrusive. The main reason for deletion was for the channel to look cleaner, and more appealing. With less videos, there are more chances the viewer will watch the important/best stuff and understand more from there.

I agree, well written. I personally was an extremely lucky child, because being overexposed to internet has lead to the opposite effect for me. I got tired of most of internet’s features and now live more “IRL”, doing everything on the internet in moderation and balance (no obsessions that lead to negative things). So now being well aware of internet dangers and mistakes helped me learn and become a better me.

Now, will I allow my children to use internet or smartphones/other devices? No, I will not. The chances of them turning out the same as me and doing so much internet that they become bored of it are low. But I will let them play games, as in, download the games for them so they can play for fun :-)

To elaborate on kids being desensitized to horror games (which are meant to be scary/terrifying), I see a lot of stores selling Cartoon Cat, Sirenhead, Poppy Playtime and FNAF toys marketed towards children. Sure these aren’t the scariest things in the world but I think it’s too much for pre-schoolers!

Wanna bet in a decade there will be nostalgia posts? I find it fun to predict what will be considered nostalgic in the future. I think more popular games here like Baldi’s Basics and Doki Doki might be somebody’s first games. Sure, this site is 90% horror games now (which I don’t like) and horror games are not for kids. But you know kids love that scary forbidden stuff.

Speaking of, if you had a kid, what game would you give them as their first? Personally I would happily give them games like Valley Peaks, Frog Detective and A Short Hike

Could you please upload Christmas Curse?

I need this because I noticed most of the games on the “games” pages always have 4 to 5 comments and at least one YouTube video covering the game. I am interested in being the first to cover a game. “Recent games”, sorting by tags, digging through collections and user pages, grants that opportunity but is not optimal. Which is why I propose a way to see a list of obscure games by pressing a button (not randomizer but like casually looking through games) on,,

Popularity decided either by amount of comments or downloads, it would be interesting to find more obscure games to give them coverage this way. Sort will be mathematically from all time high to all games with 0 downloads/comments, almost like Reddit’s All Time Top. I am aware of the randomizer but it is not the same. Could this be possible?

What do you suggest?

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I Gave Her Everything She Took My Heart and Left Me Lonely I Think Broken Heart’s Contagious I Won’t Fix, I’d Rather Weep Who Am I? I? I? Fraid to Let Go You Decide You Decide Gonna Let Me Know Suicide if You Ever Try to Let Go, Uh I’m Sad, I Know, Yeah I’m Sad, I Know Ow - Viktor Strobovski

I could never guess why, what a fiasko

My favorite paintings in the game