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Will there be an option for what type of private area you want? Like the players preference?

Hopefully you're not having too much of a problem with the photo to texture.

Update soon?

Are we going to get an update soon? I'm really loving the love intrest, and the art. Hopefully you'll be updating it soon!

Me clearing my schedule like

Is there going to be an update soon? I really love the way you write! <3

I'm constantly checking if they updated the game, the suspence is killing me. Is there an official date for the update? 

your discord link seems to not be working, and when would we get a new update?

er how do you make a rainbow pupil?

Erm, I can't seem to disrobe Killigan on the part where the frog wants to study Killigan's body. Help?

wait, so is there an option where the shopkeeper can fuck me?

me checking every hour to see if the game has an update

Is this game 18 plus? , becuase if so i'll purchase the game.

Who else is waiting for the next update?

Is there only 6 location available including house and crossroad?