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I really wanna get into this game, but after the scene with the motel owner in your room, I end up completely stuck in the bed with no way to move around or do anything besides load another save (which doesn't solve the problem. The console shows a message in red repeated a bunch of times:

"NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Asuna.TimelineExtension.LeftBehaviour.ProcessFrame (Playable playable, FrameData info, System.Object playerData"

I tried using the console command "Level.Load Motel_GroundFloor", but that only repeated the sequence from the point where Jenna asks the owner what year it is. I even tried reinstalling the game (but using my old saves); no dice. All I did was download the game from here, I haven't touched it any other way. Sorry if this have been already been reported!