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Interesting. I thought it would heal you.

Seems fun. Some enemies got stuck on the campfire once (4 enemies, coming from the right).

2 minor things:

- I'd like to have attack on another hand than move, so either attack on 'LMB' or attack on 'O' or move on 'LMB'; pray is fine on 'Q'

-Is there a reason for praying to Jesus specifically? Because to me it seems as if Hope could also pray to Patecatl, Epione, Tàiyī Zhǔshén, Nintinugga (to name a variety) or the Lord of Light (GoT) and achieve the same results.

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The goal of the game is to complete two objectives at the same time (being at work and being at home). The dialogue with the NPC's changes the story of the player character and if work and home (the buildings on the far left and the farthest on the right), you can go to the right building and complete the game.

In theory. Because one NPC is accidentally deleted instead of the car in the tunnel and you might get stuck on your way to the building on the right side.

If you want to see the end of it, then you can play the other version, which contains fixes for the gamebreaking stuff.

The jumping is too high. I've noticed that too. Im now working on issues where jumping and climbing have undesired effects when combined, and until I've fixed that, I can not make jumping right. But keep in mind not to let fixes on the other version affect you're rating here. But it might make you help understand the game a bit better.

Im sorry for the late reply the internet in my city went down.

The wallhack happens, when standing to close to a door. I believe this is either due to the Projectile exit point being on the other side of the wall or because of projectiles glitching through the wall or because of the speed of the projectiles, when they exit the gun. The latter could only happen if projectiles slow down over time.

Regarding Colliders on Background Objects: I should probably go to sleep.

I wasnt sure, thats why  I didnt call it out as a bug.

For me the game was easiest, when I did put both cubes in one corner, which defies the purpose of having two cubes in the first place (:

Oftentimes enemies cannot even hit you, when sitting in a corner, because they cant shoot that way (e.g. 1st & 2nd wave: blue cube in the first corner counterclockwise, red cube in the second corner clockwise (starting counting at top)  = win)

Another thing problem to difficulty might be, that waves are totally predefined. Allowing enemies to be of random color might align difficulty more, because then you could not plan ahead.

Unless planning ahead is intended, that is. In that case the difficulty alignment might be better, when adding more waves in strategic positions to force players to move their well placed cubes.

I'd would suggest the forcing of movement and the strategic approach, because it could solve both issues (cube "fortresses" & difficulty alignment). Also there are a lot of browser action games and emphasizing on the strategic aspect of might make this game really stand out.

Backwards turning is inverted, which I personally dont like and driving backwards doesnt score correctly.

And a quit option would be appreciated. Otherwise it can be a fun game, not my type but it can be.

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The basically 2D problem extends to being able to get to a Z position, where the player bumps into background objects.

And the Collision detection fails to prevent shooting through walls when standing close to one.

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features like ammo on kill, larger maps, npc moving while idle and being able to tell the second player to stay around his current position could really make this game good

if hitting r or esc too fast after dying the message doesnt go away and obstruct your vision

its not exactly at the same position but the fields overlap

platform inside platform was stuck and died

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Do the floating collisions look as if you are jumping? If it does, then it might be an issue with animations.

Oh I see.

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thx, ouch. OK Uploading now, never deployed something outside of my machine before.