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Strega Nona

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Sorry...forgot to mention it earlier.  I’m MacOS, older machine but that shouldn’t really matter. Let me know if you want me to go check it again.  Happy to help. :)

Very Nice!  There was one bug that I found.  When I was first following the prompt to pick up the yellow suncube, I put it back in it's slot and went outside.  When I went back to get it to put it in the outside slot, it wouldn't budge.  I had to stop and restart from the last save to fix it. :)

never mind....i had to get the honey pot quest to get cicely to offer me the bucket.  I’m all about chain quests, but this one is a little too complicated.  Everything else is lovely but I think it’s a bit too hard to get a fishing rod and worms. :) the fishing pole. Got the bread quest.  Doing some chores for the lady in Kilknoloh but I cannot find a bucket.  Cicely doesn’t offer me one.  She asks me if I need anything else even though I haven’t met her yet.  Sorry to bother you but there’s no one else to ask. :)


I feel like a dolt.  I’m up in the communal gardens and the woman who makes the fishing poles hasn’t shown up.  Am I missing something?  I’ve been hanging about and wandering in the garden for a while.