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Hey there! I prefer doing environmental/prop work. I'm familiar with Unity and UE4. I work with Blender and Substance Painter, I can do the whole pipeline of modelling, UV unwrapping, and texturing.

You can see my work on my Sketchfab account:

I'm not expecting any payment but I certainly wouldn't turn any down haha. Give me some details of what you're looking for in  your post/what your game/project/etc is about, and how I can contact you if I'm interested!

@Vanderley5974X @TopazGameStudios

Sent a discord request to both  of you! Since it seems I might have my hands full right now, I'll be closing the thread!

Thanks for the response. I'll send you a request on Discord!

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Here's my Sketchfab account. As you can see, a lot of the stuff was uploaded a while ago, and not just because of the once-a-month limit for non-downloadable submissions lol. 

I really want to keep practicing, keep creating, and improve but I struggle trying to think up my own ideas. It's much easier for someone to tell me "we need this particular thing in this particular style" and then I get to it.

I am most familiar with making low-poly objects (but I'm not restricted to it). I can uv map and do some different styles of textures. Rigging and animation is a bit harder for me but I can still do the basics.

Topics I'm interested in is fantasy, anthropomorphic, and lgbtq+ stuff but a project doesn't have to fall into any of those catagories!

I'm not looking for payment, just for an opportunity to contribute to something and gain more experience along the  way.