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Wow, I can't believe a game that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being a soulless, broken down salaryman with dreams of falling in sugar-sweet love with a pink anime rabbit has finally come out. What a wondeful world we live in, where I get pandered to like this.

Things I liked:

  • My dream of dating a pink bunny girl finally came true.
  • Good art, very cute.
  • Gameplay rocked.

Things I disliked:

  • The perspective character is a woman (female). How am I going to breed the fertile anime babe as a woman WTF! Huge oversight from the developer here.

More seriously, the game was pretty limited in scope, so there isn't a great deal to say about it. The art, music, and writing were cute and competently executed, and I found the game pretty enjoyable. Good work and best of luck in your future endeavors.

As an aside, in the games I have seen from this author thus far (The Five Steps To Ensuring Momo Graduates Successfully!!!, this game) there has been a recurring theme of a depressed loser escaping their depression by engaging in a lesbian relationship (Momo resolving trauma by meeting her gay former friend, Haruka emotionally recovering from being a soulless corporate pig after meeting Yuki). I would like to give a gentle reminder that relationships are a bad escape for depression. I hope all is well, stay healthy.

I think this game was decent. Not great nor bad.

Things I liked:

  • Very homey, comfortable feeling when spending time with the cat. Even though there were only three scenes with him, I felt a bit of a bond forming.
  • The juxtaposition of horror and cute made the cute parts cuter.

Things I disliked:

  • Textures for the hallways felt uninspired, uninteresting.
  • Gameplay wasn't riveting. Perhaps faster walk-speed or a sprint option would have helped.
  • Meowmie could phase through the bed.

This game felt empty and sparse at times but that is to be expected given that it was made in such a short time, and may have been intentional as a trick to make Meowmie feel more important to the player. Though the experience was sometimes drab, I liked the cat, so I like this game too. Congratulations on completing this in 72 hours, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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I just finished the game. Since there wasn't much left (I didn't realize I was so close to the end) I decided give my thoughts (some meaningful, some not) about a few things that I noticed as I was playing.

I wish you the best for your future development endeavors.

Oh the video is scheduled to be released tomorrow. Sorry! Just wait a bit, I guess.

This was a neat game. It really made me feel like I was at my job about to have a mental snap and execute my coworkers.

Things I liked:

  • I am a sucker for hand-drawn, sketchy, or crayon-esque art styles. As far as I can tell all of the art assets were made by the author, which is also impressive.
  • The character designs were well done and cute.

Things I disliked:

  • There was a bug where Ellen's character sprite stayed open after interacting with the bookshelf on the upper left.
  • Even though I liked them, the character models felt a little bit saucy, which in my mind didn't suit the theme or the background art of the game.

Altogether it was an okey game, nice to chew on for a little while. I didn't finish it in my video because I ended up recording it late in the evening, but I look forward to seeing the end in my free time. Good job and best of luck on your future endeavors.

This game was nothing incredible, but I am a bit of a sucker for Yume Nikki fan-games so I liked it.

Things I liked:

  • Music was competently done, especially for such a small title.
  • Environments and scenario were creative.
  • The messages on the phone and the other bits of text were charming.

Things I disliked:

  • I didn't realize I had completed the game until I left the room.

The game was not impressive technically nor artistically, nor was it particularly remarkable. I enjoyed it nonetheless, so good job. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

I received this message upon clicking the download button for your game:

"Our system has flagged this page for additional review due to potential suspicious behavior from the page owner.

If someone has asked you to download from this page and you don't fully trust them or their behavior isn't what you recognize then we don't recommend downloading this file until our team has reviewed the page."

I doubt that you are peddling a virus but, for my safety, I will wait a couple weeks for the review that has promised.

Best Wishes.

Okey, thanks for telling me. I will check him out.

This game feels like a creepypasta from 2008 brought to life, which was pretty funny. Otherwise, it was pretty unremarkable.

Things I liked:

  • The premise of a terrifying deep-web Spongebob game is intrinsically funny.
  • All the creepypasta tropes made me enjoy screwing around with it.

Things I disliked:

  • I could not move down when I was playing pac-man with Patrick.
  • The game didn't feel very high effort.

All in all, I enjoyed chewing on the game for a while, but I think you could do better.

This was NOT a game: this was a TOUR DE FORCE. My hands were shaking the whole time and I vomited in ecstatic mania after I finished recording video. THANK YOU for revealing your masterful vision to the world, o gracious genius!

Things I liked:

  • Deeply symbolic gameplay and important message.
  • Relatable main protagonist.
  • Inclusive and safe environment.

Things I disliked:

  • What could I dislike about GOTY 2022?

More seriously, this game was everything it was cracked up to be. The graphics were both aesthetically appropriate and competently made. The gameplay, though lacking, met expectations for what the game is. It was a nice little meme game. Nice work and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Usually when I post a video on a game I will leave a small accompanying review. Since it is this game is your first project, and since you are likely fairly young, I will just give a some advice instead.

Things to improve:

  • Do more grammar checking, spell checking, etc. There were quite a few distractingly ungrammatical phrases in the game.
  • What did you make here that would not be found elsewhere? Focus on making something cool and unique.
  • There was a point in the game where I needed to get a key from a hanged teenager and use it to open a desk. This did not work and I could not progress (see video five).

General programming advice:

  • There are lots of tools and free assets available on the web. Always be sure that you are capable of doing any given thing by yourself, but also always be ready to use a library if it makes things faster.
  • It looks like you are learning by doing. Do not neglect learning the fundamentals as you go: make sure to understand why your tools work, not just how.
  • Don't give up. Gaining skill requires tenacity more than talent.

I was probably being vulgar and talking a lot of trash in my videos (that's just how I am), but I think its tremendously respectable that you are out there making a game and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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Thank you for the reply. The game looks very polished now.

I kind of wanted to my review after I made it, but now that you have replied and reminded me of it I will just make another post here. The way that I wrote my review sounded a bit like a put down, but what I was really trying to do was suggest that the gameplay needs more spice to be competitive. I don't know if you watched the video, but I was throwing out random ideas (power ups, special moves, vn elements) to hint in that direction.

Just needed to say that for personal reasons. I would hate to think that I ended up discouraging a new developer. Either way, best of luck with your future projects.

This game uses good colours, characters and art design to create a dank, filthy atmosphere. Yet, in spite of the game's miserable aesthetic, its whimsical  characters and mysterious world have left me with a lasting intrigued feeling.

Things I liked:

  • Good art direction and atmosphere.
  • Good mystery for the world, the main character, and Amari's illness.
  • Good colour palette (I don't like how most games are bright coloured these days).
  • The farmer.

Things I disliked:

  • Too short! I wanted more from this game, and I am annoyed that none of the plot points were resolved.
  • The translation felt off at times.

Altogether I think the game was impressively well done, and I look forward to the arrival of chapter 2.

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This game was good, though not remarkable. It provided everything a horror game needs (mystery, scares, atmosphere) to an acceptable degree.

Things I liked:

  • Written in C. I don't know why somebody would write a game meant to be played over the web in C, but as a card-carrying Cnile I think it's cool that you decided to use the CORRECT language.
  • Sound design and atmosphere were good.

Things I disliked:

  • The plot was unclear. Perhaps I missed out on some exploration, but I don't know what happened or why it did.
  • The game felt sparse -- walking between a handful of npcs for the sake of quid-pro-quo was a little dull.

Altogether, I thought the game was fine, but a bit small and bare. That's not that much of a problem since this was submitted to something called MiniJam and I imagine it wasn't meant to be ambitious, though.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

I like to think of small Indie games as digital toys -- you spend a few spare minutes fiddling with them and, when finished, carry on with your life (i.e. eating chicken). This game fits that role very well. It is a small, easy story with simple gameplay. Going beyond that, however, it is also characterized by interestingly symbolic gameplay, a well-formed mystery, and neat art. Nice work.

Things I liked:

  • Art was nice, colour scheme was good, and music was good.
  • Gameplay, though minimal, was used for effective symbolism.
  • Good small experience. The game didn't overuse its premise by being too long.

Things I disliked:

  • Ms. Stretch's hand vibrated over the red button. This was probably not intentional, and could easily have been fixed.
  • Certain props from previous rooms were visible during the transition between rooms. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but it felt like a bug to me.
  • Inflating the clown.
  • Failing the chicken challenge.

Altogether, I think this game shows that its developer has promise. With some luck, this could end up as the new meme-game for 13-year-olds. Otherwise, it could be a good project for a resume. Either way, it was neat and I wish the developer good fortune in their future endeavors.

Thank you for the reply, I am flattered.

I found the game on the new and popular tab (which, by the way, is a very good tool for finding new games). I clicked because I thought the graphic stood out, looked professional, and indicated that the game would have an interesting concept. As it turns out, the game was interesting, which was cool.

Oh, and I don't think my French was that great. Formal English is just French, so reading it is doable for most people. The real trouble is speaking and understanding.

Best wishes for your future development work.

The game was hectic, so my commentary in the video was stilted and nonsensical. I will try and write my thoughts more clearly below.

  • I don't think the gameplay of carrying cookies to ovens then to customers is very riveting.
  • I can't say that adding more boxes, more ovens, more customers etc. is a good way to make the game more challenging/interesting.
  • I'm not sure what can be done with this concept to make the gameplay more engaging.
  • Taking inspiration from Overcooked is cool, but that game mostly works because of multiplayer. That's a lot of scope.

Best wishes to you on this project either way, though. I hope to see you find a creative way to exceed my expectations.

Hello Cryjasper,

Thank you for responding to my review. I am not certain if you were expecting me to write back, but I think that it is the polite thing to do since you have gratified me with such a lengthy reply. Below is a response to some of the overarching points you made, and a clarification of my views.

In re. anxiety vs. awkwardness (bullets 1, 3, 5): The game's focus is on social anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling. This feeling can and does result in people being awkward, this is true, but in the end anxiety itself is an emotion. I think the game focused too much on awkwardness and did not convey the feeling of being anxious very much. Perhaps this did not make the game less meaningful to you, but in my mind the game didn't meet its full potential.

In re. gameplay (bullet 1, 2): Anxiety and trouble socializing are not well represented by a memory game. I have never overcome anxiety or social issues through memorization, and I don't think anybody else has either. The memory game seemed like bad choice of metaphor.

In re. cheese (bullet 6): I could never accept the line "...and cookies" as not being lame. Perhaps that's a cultural thing, though.

I'd also like to mention that my video may have seemed meaner to you than intended because I like talking shit and I came in with pretty low expectations. What can you do, eh? Nonetheless, it seems like there was a drop of genuine venom in your reply, which is no good. Don't get mad on the web!

And speaking of venom, one more thing. Of all your snide remarks, the only one that bugged me was when you implied it was disingenuous for me to say that I wished the best for the developer. Working in software development and on video games is really tough -- I know because I have done it myself. Even though I did not like this particular game, I recognize that its developer is talented and I respect the hard work they did to bring their vision to us.

Best Wishes,


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I messed up my OBS on the recording, so this video is a bit of a bust. Anyway, I must say that though the game wasn't bad, I didn't like very much about it.

Things I disliked:

  • Anxiety isn't a matter of not knowing what to say, it's a matter of talking to others feeling like hell on earth. The monologues and memorization game didn't represent that well.
  • Socialization skill isn't a matter of memorization, it's a matter of skill. I beat the game by writing down a mapping of direction keys to outputs, which felt bizarre.
  • The music track and atmosphere were too serene to convey anxiety.
  • Talking to the therapist was the ultimate test of social skill. Never been to therapy, but that feels backwards.
  • The monologue text made the game feel like it was more about being awkward than being anxious.
  • In the end, the text read something along the lines of "I can get over this with kindness, effort, and cookies :)". Vomit!

It's not like my life is worse for having played this game, but there wasn't anything about it that stuck out to me as great, and there were quite some things that I disliked. Nonetheless I hope that this review has not been too discouraging. Best wishes on your future endeavors.

I made a video on this game as an excuse to practice reading French. It was very cool! The wittiness of the jokes and the silliness of the premise really comes off well.

Things I liked:

  • Funny premise and snappy gameplay.
  • Clever dialogue lines (as much as I could read them).
  • Good music and art direction.

Things I disliked:

  • The vote counts at the end of the game appear to be backwards.
  • Dialogue boxes will flash for a moment before appearing.

When I first saw that this game touched upon the themes of identity, self harm, and a 'narrative expirement' my expectations were pretty low. I came in expecting to riff on this game like it was one of the hundred million other 'really unique indie games about [sexual/racial/other] identity'. Not so! This was a really neat and atmospheric CYOA schizophrenia story. If I had time to do things other than work and commute, I would definitely pursue the other endings just to unravel the story.

Things I liked:

  • Interesting story, gameplay, and ending.
  • Good music and visuals.
  • Disgusting, abominable (effective) sound design.

Things I disliked:

  • Character wore spats but no bra, hoodie but no pants. A bit weird.

The setting and theme of this game, like with FeedVid Live (which I played first), was very cool. I found it satisfying in a mind-numbing way to make stupid comments on !YouTube, and I really do like the online-ARG experience.

Also, I would like to say that in my video I said at the end that the game 'felt like a nothing experience with no story'. Thinking on the plot, and about how the end screen probably shows the servers that produce recommendations, I have changed that opinion. It all made sense after thinking on it for a bit, and it was actually quite clever.

Things I liked:

  • The simulacrum of YouTube was amusing, and it was amusing making fake comments in the game.
  • The story was clever.

Things I disliked:

  • Even though I understand how the puzzles came about now, I think that the gameplay of 'you need number N, seek number N from your environment' was lame.
  • The animated videos weren't that cool.

I really thought this game was cool! You have no idea how neat it is to just be able to wantonly shitpost without fear of getting banned, even if it is just in the context of playing a horror game.

Things I liked:

  • Chat feature in the game feels nice. It's like a virtual chew-toy, if that makes any sense.
  • I haven't seen a game like this before, and I think 'online ARG game' is a good genre to explore.

Things I didn't like:

  • Felt awkward that the character looked away from things they interacted with. That's forgivable though, since animations adds a lot of scope.
  • Bot chatters weren't very interactive or lively. Would have been very very cool if somebody chastised me for saying the n-word enough times to lock the game.

This game wasn't my style, but I had fun.

Things I liked:

  • Character expressions were superb and very funny.
  • Character interactions felt pretty human, even if occasionally stilted.
  • Music and art were good, tremendous effort was obviously expended there.

Things I didn't like:

  • The game lagged a bit for me (perhaps that was my fault).
  • When I chose the negative option for Isabelle, she went totally ballistic and I don't feel like I understood why.
  • The game felt 'out of context' since the characters were introduced via an online date.

This game was neat. It's quite soulful and well put together.

Things I liked:

  • Good music and voice acting.
  • Excellent opening scene.
  • Snappy, well contained experience.

Things I didn't like:

  • I didn't know what was going on for a minute.
  • The game didn't finish at the end (I am heartened to hear this is presently being fixed).
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I have never played FNAF before, so I didn't know what to expect coming in. I thought the game was neat though.

Things I liked:

  • Excellent quality models, charming environments.
  • Decently voice acted despite being a fan game.
  • Hololive.

Things I didn't like:

  • The energy recharging mechanic didn't add anything to the experience. It would have been more strategic if you could not recharge or if recharging was more difficult.
  • The sound design could have been creepier. There could have been more sound in general.

Altogether, I thought it was a pretty charming way to pass a half hour.