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Cool game! The pixel art was really nice and I wish I had joined this jam so I could rate it.

Danke Scone


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At least 1 person enjoyed it.

If you think that the effects were that cool, I suggest doing a bit of messing around with them. You'd be surprised how much stuff they can be used in.

A really interesting game. When I lost the first time I was not prepared for the screen to fall over and give me a bonus level. Very good game, and the leader board was super cool, though you may want to limit the length of names, as I put in some long ones and they blocked out the scores. The only other point of fault was there seemed to be no reason for the bonus stage to end, and it just stopped abruptly.

Really nice game with some great polish on it.

A cute game. I really liked the design of Shelly and it was interesting to play. I'm glad that you added a windows version, as I couldn't play it before, although it seems you can go straight to the appointment with no followers and win, and I am a little confused on the "Winning is Losing" part.

It is a very nice game to look at and play, and I like the bit of story. Good Job!

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The particles are actually hard coded, it's basically spawns a bunch of squares which go in random directions and slow down. For the healing/hurting shots, I used the speed of the particles in HSL as it's light quantity, to make it go black. The music was made on mixcraft, mostly out of loops.

I came up with the idea for the particle effect in my first game and copied 90% of the code for them (from my first game). It's really simple, but it looks super effective.

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Thanks a lot! It's my first game jam and only my second ever finished game. I know that the game play is quite repetitive at points (originally teleporting was only in the final fight and that was really repetitive until then) but I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback!

Don't feel bad! It's my first game jam as well, and everyone who submitted has done super well. Your game was one of the top ones and you did very well for a minimal game.

That would be pretty cool to add in but don't feel pressured to do it. I really enjoyed  the game as it is, so do what you feel is right.

That's good to know, I only fed it when it was "getting hungry" and it didn't last long enough to die. This is also my first game jam and I had some trouble with difficulty as well. I added multiple difficulties because the original was too hard.

Having the Sepuku as an end all would be good, but what I think would be great would be if you used all 3 at once and it was enough to kill them.

I'm really glad you had fun (so did I) and good luck for your next game!

Cool game, having the buttons which do stuff was a nice addition, although I am a little confused as to where the winning is losing is? As far as I can tell the buttons that restart/quit it don't give extra points.

Despite that, it is still a nice and fun game that I spent some time on. Well Done!

Fun game, and the art is suuuuuuuper good. Well worth playing. 

I got two of the endings, how many are there?

I really liked the cute graphics, but the gameplay was a bit bland. Good job on your first game Jam!

A solid game that was really enjoyable. The story was good and added a lot to the game. The only slight fault is that it is very hard to win (kill yourself) I unlocked the heart attack, starve and sepuku but I still couldn't do it.

Congrats on a really good game, and for giving such good feedback to the other jammers.

It was a fun game, although the objective was a little confusing at the start.

It was hard to figure out what to do (I thought you had to get to the box in the middle at the start) but it wasn't bad. Would be really great if the objective was more explained. Fun game.

After using one of the bars, it fully restocked and never stopped peeing. It is a fun and silly game, but I think that it glitched out for me.

This is a great game! The art and music were super good and I loved rolling around and stabbing people from behind boxes. This has been my favourite game jam entry yet.

I played it in the browser, so that is probably why.

This was a really fun game, and i'm surprised just how long it is. It was difficult in parts, and I found it hard to land on single blocks, but overall a game that I would be happy playing.

A Good little story, reminds me a bit of "There is no Game".

Fun Game. Would've loved to see some more levels.

Felt really good to get the two ends and the music was good. Character feels a bit slow and unresponsive, but a really enjoyable game.

Really fun game, but the character feels a bit slow.

Good Work!


It was fun.

This is the first ever game I have properly finished and (although not great) I am really happy with it.

Qwackers is a local multiplayer game where you play as Ducks trying to eat Crackers. There are 5 gamemodes, 15 levels as well as a bunch of hats, modifiers and ducks to use as well.

It is on the link

Have Fun!