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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, fixing the jumping physics is my number one update feature. I wrote the code for the jumping so that the deceleration in the air takes 0.4 seconds to reduce to stopping (compared to 0.1 seconds for on the ground), which works well for realistic-ish movement, but makes precise air stopping pretty hard, so I'm planning to reduce that to about 0.25 instead.

A crazy solid game! The use of dithering was impeccable and the puzzles were really fun and well designed. All the different mechanics were clearly introduced even without any kind of text tutorial. Super cool.

I hadn't even thought about non-English keyboards, that's a super good thing to mention. I also heard from a couple of my friends that played that the movement was too fast in the air, so I think I will change it after the rating. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'd heard from a couple of my friends that playtested it that the movement was a bit strong in the air (particularly on the web version), so I'm planning to slow it down after the rating period ends.

Thanks a lot! I was very inspired by Pikuniku (originally my characters were all going to be ellipses like the pikuniku guy before I realised that and changed them all to different shape), so I'm glad you picked up on that.

Thanks a lot! I had it in my head that I wanted dialogue since the start of the jam, but I only came up with the idea to add "yes" and "no" buttons halfway through. I think it really added a lot.

The game is free on steam

This is super awesome! Just found a bug in the web build though, when you try to input a seed that is longer than the ones the program creates, it stretches the ui past the limit of the window and you can't use all of it.

Thanks for playing! Hadn't realised that typo, whoops.

I don't think it's possible to get softlocked, but it might be that I missed something in playtesting. I'll check it out.

Game has been updated, if anyone is interested.

I would like to try adding more movement options that could be picked up during gameplay, to make the game more rougelike-like, but I haven't really decided what they would be yet,

Thanks! It took me a while to get the movement right, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result

Post mortem is included in the Devlog document. I didn't post the devlogs on social media, but I still wrote them so I thought they should go here.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad to hear that you enjoyed my game.

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm sorry about the error. I checked just then and i forgot 4 (four) letters in the program. Glad you enjoyed it!

Very cool concept! The idea to switch between present/future was already good, but when you added the seeds it got even better and turned it from a platformer to a puzzle game as well. I think the art could have been a bit better, and sometimes I had issues with platform hitboxes, but pretty good overall. A fun game!

Very cute! I loved all the bouncing and squishy animations, and both the fox and the duck looked great. The game started off easy but got pretty challenging, and I liked how the duck could see the future of where the foxes were going. Good job!

Cute game! It was a fun little challenge, and I loved seeing the fish swim along. The story was a great addition as well. I think to add a little more challenge there should be some king of penalty for missing a note, as sometimes you could just spam the keys. Overall a cool game!

Neat game! I liked the little intro at the start and the puzzles were pretty well designed. The music was also really good for the game as well, adding a bit of urgency and tension. The only thing I would recommend is some kind of pop-up when all of your blue men die, as in the first level I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out why I couldn't get my guy to move (obviously after he had been hit with a laser). Good job!

Cool game! I remembered seeing your post about using a Saurin translator, so I was intruiged to find out about the story. I wasn't expecting Christopher to want to kill the criminals either. It's a shame there was no option to help him, but I enjoyed the story nontheless. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't considered people using non-qwerty keyboards, so I will endavour to add arrow keys/customisable controls after the jam rating period ends. Thanks for the tip.

I have created a Mac version now, although it is untested, if you want to try the game.

Nice game! The gravity gun mechanic was really fun, particularly when I realised I could jump on space junk, and the jetpack helped significantly in maneauvering. The art was great, and I particularly loved the giant star/planet and the little stars that you could see in the background (they also helped me get back when I was lost). I don't know what the things inside the ship do (they lit up but I couldn't figure out how to use them), so I may have lost some content there, but overall a really good game.

P.S. why are there humans trapped in ice and ginat stone dogs floating in space, and more importantly why am I allowed to sell them for cash?

The music was good, and I liked seeing how there wer lot's of different robot enemies, but I had some trouble with the hitboxes, as sometimes enemies wouldn't die or would disappear without me hitting them.

Really fantastically made game. The concept was fun and easy to understand (although I feel bad for our protagonist, do that many people really want to kill him?). The sound and music was perfect for the game, and the art was absolutely brilliant as well. I loved seeing the swarms of people wearing a multitude of various outfits (fashion in this kingdom is quite apparently outlandish). The only point I would add is maybe having more options (either on the outfits, or maybe having multiple killers per day), just so that the gameplay becomes more difficult as the game progresses.  Keep up the good work!

Super good! The music was absolutely great and really helped make the game feel chill and peaceful. I loved the little story, and all the art was excellent (it reminded me of a coloured minit). I did find a bug where you could go outside the main area in the first scene (by going left and then down ), but it wasn't a big impact on the experience. Would love to see more levels and some more plot in a kind of exploration-esque game. Cool stuff.

Cool game! The art was absolutely great, and the controls felt really smooth and nice to use. I loved that each dimension also had a different colour scheme.  The only issue was that at the end it was really hard to get through all the purple things, as I had trouble slowing down on the tight turns, but regardless it was a super interesting and good game.

Really cool game! The art was excellent and it helped to have a white outline on the player in order to distinguish them from background.  I read your description of the plot, and it's a shame you didn't get to implement it because it sounded pretty good. The tutorial was very well done and the ability to place your own checkpoints was super useful in some of the later levels. The only issue I had was wall jumping with e felt a bit awkward, and that sometimes the camera would resize during a jump, which could be distracting, but overall a cool game!

Unfortunately, the program I used dosen't have web support and I don't know how to make mac versions.

Thanks for the feedback! I was pretty pleased with how the tutorial turned out, as a lot of my other games were unclear. For a couple of bosses (I think XII, IX, IV and I) they had increasing difficulty with damage, but it can be hard to tell. I agree the music wasn't great, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Good luck for your project!

Thanks for the feedback! I unfortunately ran out of time when I was finishing the sound design, which is why there are missing sound effects and the music isn't great (plus I've never been great at sound anyways). I've been playing a lot of binding of isaac recently, so that was actually a big influence for this. Thanks again for the comment, and good luck in the jam.

boss rush where you start in the future and go back in time, ending at the first boss

No, when you get to the end of a floor you have to pay money to keep control of game mechanics, and running out of cash causes the game to go out of control.

Thanks! The recoil on the weapons is also one of the modifiers you can buy in the store, so it's possible to move pretty far by shooting if you get lucky.

Thanks for playing! Along with not having control of mechanics, the fact that they can get pretty chaotic added to both the fun and the theme, and was fun to make as well.

Thanks! The strategy element was really fun to make (and only just barely implemented in time) and I found the element of risk really increased the choice of my descisions in the store.

Thanks for the feedback! I really enjoy Roguelike games generally and the idea came to me almost instantly that I should make a game where you have to pay to keep control of the game, which then fleshed out into this.


Awesome game! The shooting/movement mechanic is perfect and the complexity that you get from having to avoid friends and kill enemies adds a lot of depth.

This is one of the best games that I have played so far.

Really good game! The changing weapons and enemy attributes made it super interesting to play, and I just adored the menu screen and the chameleon art. I also really like how the chameleons are using the same weapons as the player.