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This game has so much charm!!

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one!

Shoutouts to that goblin, probably one of my favorite characters in a video game ever.

A simple premise done excellently well!

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There's so much potential with this game as well as it's concept, I could totally see this becoming something more in the future! The enemies are also pretty cool design wise! Couple of small issues like difficulty scaling here and there but besides that it's looking to be something great. Keep up the good work!

Yet another horrifically great gift! Excited to get into the spooky spirit!

With what this game currently shows, I'm already in love with it! 

Best of luck on finishing the game, will definitely be picking it up again!

This game feels so smooth to play! And the music is just a big ol' vibe! Keep up the good work!

This game is just one big ol' vibe, I love it!

An absolute blast to play, tough as nails but also addicting!

From start to finish this game is just one big vibe, I love it!

Mind Boggling! 

Finally, I can create the burning skeleton realm of my dreams!

Thank you for freeing him from his slumber.

What a ghoulish gift for the Holidays from my new favourite group! Merry Christmas!

Oh! I guess it's just my antivirus acting up then. My bad!

Sorry if this is out of nowhere, but my computer detected a trojan virus coming from the exe after extracting. I deleted it but I just wanna make sure if it's just me being unlucky or there's an actual virus in the game. 

Love the game so far, can't wait to see more!