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The game has a very strange but quirky story and atmosphere. I love the artstyle. How things move so smoothly and the black and white glitchy visuals makes it somewhat appealing to look at. I would have rated this game already, but I'm sticking around for the full release to review the complete experience of what this surreal game has to offer.

Pretty interesting concept. I would love to see more of this.

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The shrouded isle is "my lovely daughter" mixed with HP lovecraft. It's pretty much a cult simulator where you have to keep your town sinless until the day of judgement arrives. Each season requires you to kill off a sinful person. Which can have good or bad effects on the town which must be dealt with. I only got it yesterday and it's pretty hard in my opinion. But the graphics, music and gameplay is pretty enjoyable. I recommend it for halloween (and probably with the jack-o-lantern color scheme. Because spoopy).

I got it on steam. But you can get it on too!

Looking back at the tags, turns out I made a huge mistake. There's nothing wrong with the tags. My apologies.

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If only you could make stuff like this in vx ace

Oh. But than why would someone want to make a paid full game with such a small limited engine.

I don't know if I'm correct with what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), but I don't think we would be happy to pay to use bitsy. Afterall, it isn't a very complex engine for making huge games.


I feel like this game is getting too much praise. It isn't "the best game I've ever played". But it's alright.

Well I get the point if it's with a youtube video. But this is a product.

the greatest simulator in humanity

No man sky is sorta good now.

Why do some of these sprites look like straight rips from broforce?

Did you also notice how this guy took random tags as a way to boost his game?

Only eggs can sustain me

I'm impressed. I never knew stuff like this would be possible in bitsy. It really brings out the atmosphere of the game. Even if it is short.

This games pretty good. I expected to be there for a few minutes. But I spent ages without even knowing.

But those are old versions

But isn't that what Hotline Miami is about?

Its alright. But there's not much to it. I expect some gun action or whatever.

This game use to be free. Now your expecting us to pay for it? I always say something like "This is scummy" or "This is stupid" alot. But I mean it this time when I say that this is complete and other scum.

This file is stinking up my desktop for weeks. Thanks.

Yeah, it makes sense when you think about it.


Pretty gud

This mod is pretty bad

I completed it. But I wish I got something more out of the ending

Can we be able to change the size of the window?

If only I could do that in mspaint

gud game.

Now that's one thing I can agree with. At least your not using those assets and just putting the whole thing up for a price. Good thinking.

Why does this game look like an asset flip?

This game made me feel as if my life does not matter