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So I recently made a game that took me mostly a month to finish called SWORD. A small little exploration game in rpg maker. I was wondering what you guys think of the game so far. I'm currently working on a finale update that adds a new ending and overall more content to the game for the player to mess around with.

The game has a very strange but quirky story and atmosphere. I love the artstyle. How things move so smoothly and the black and white glitchy visuals makes it somewhat appealing to look at. I would have rated this game already, but I'm sticking around for the full release to review the complete experience of what this surreal game has to offer.

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The shrouded isle is "my lovely daughter" mixed with HP lovecraft. It's pretty much a cult simulator where you have to keep your town sinless until the day of judgement arrives. Each season requires you to kill off a sinful person. Which can have good or bad effects on the town which must be dealt with. I only got it yesterday and it's pretty hard in my opinion. But the graphics, music and gameplay is pretty enjoyable. I recommend it for halloween (and probably with the jack-o-lantern color scheme. Because spoopy).

I got it on steam. But you can get it on too!