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Hi Diogo!

I'm already part of it actually. My username is stonecompass :-)

Glad you liked it! And thank you so much!

Thank you!

thanks for the kind words! I will definitely make some more levels! :-D

Cool game! Really like the aesthetic!

Thank you, David!

Well thank you! :-) I will check it out

Neat game and very fitting and relaxing music!

Fun little game! Not bad for 7 days!

Haha, well it may be a tad too hard, but I'm glad you liked the idea :-)

Really like the atmosphere you've established and, like Aika, the game makes my heart race :P

Posted in Say hello :D

Hi, I'm a programmer and decided to join this jam to create a game on my own. I've been wanting to join more jams and this one seemed like fun!

Good luck everyone! .-)