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Not too shabby so far! I like the character designs, really fun stuff. 

I feel like the story is rushing itself a little bit at times, but I realize it's still early in development so anything could happen. Had to go through a second time to figure out why he was changing colors, since the whole "I'm not sure how it works in this world" kinda threw me off and confused me as to what was going on. If I hadn't read the game description here on itch, I wouldn't have recognized that he was talking about having been transported to this new world and taken on someone else's body. 

But as it stands, references to talking about "what this guy did to his body" to get the scars, how winter foxes biology works "in this world" etc. are a bit confusing. Not sure if there's gonna be a flashback later to explain what's going on or if additional content is supposed to go before all this, but I guess time will tell. Good work though, I'm anxious to see where you take this :)

No, no, this is canon now. Long live the Secladivians!

Well, I got off work and this was the first thing that popped back into my brain for my nightly to-do list, so I just gave the demo a whirl. I've gotta say, as far as demos go this is freaking polished! 

From the start, I really enjoyed the vibe I got from the front menu and the title screen music, really nice stuff. The pacing of the beginning text and the brief overview of the world we're entering as the game starts are really nicely thought out. I've played some VN's that either jumped right into the story far too quickly as well as some that went lore-heavy too fast, too soon, so I know it can be difficult to strike a balance in between somewhere. You seem to be doing pretty alright thus far in that respect, though we're yet to discover what this new world has to offer so we'll see how it progresses. 

The 3D model rendering is nicely captured, especially the lighting which by itself makes each scene feel vibrant, even with minimal textures. Adding textures to liven each model and scene will take this even further, but I also recognize that this is a task by itself, so I won't judge one way or another. I'll take it as icing on the cake if it does happen haha!

All in all, I'm really stoked to see where this goes from here. It's nice to see a unique, even more modern take on visual novels. It's a genre that's still growing into itself, but it's nice to see innovation and new ideas popping up still to this day!

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! Can't wait to try this one out after work tonight!

Yeah by now, if the Whisper's goal was to kill Caelan, that could have been done by now. The degree of paranoia and manipulation it was able to get away with earlier on could have easily put him into a life threatening situation. The Whisper seems more hellbent on using Caelan to achieve its own mysterious goals. Whether that would be through control or manipulation we're yet to fully understand, but it's apparent that the Whisper is getting desperate due to Caelans growing confidence in this new strange world. I'm curious to see how it escalates things in the future  what kind of trump cards it has yet to pull.

Oh okay gotcha, thanks for the info! Might become an outstanding reader sometime soon, but for now I'll settle for "Meh Reader"

Multiple new sprites, huge twists and turns in the story, beautiful backgrounds and more?! Build 9 was a ton of fun to experience beginning to end, seriously great work, Sedge!

You mention at the end that you aren't getting any questions to build a discussion after the story. Where are people supposed to submit such questions? It wasn't entirely clear to me, and I'd love to help contribute to the conversation as I'm sure others would too.

Screw that, I want my romance option with HopSkip & The ChewToys now!

Instructions unclear, after pulling my phone out of the toaster it still won't run the game.

Might be worth giving a shot. I'd say try downloading the desktop version, and go into the settings upon startup and lower the graphics settings all the way down. Might help it run on a lower power device!

Go into the courtyard at night and go into the middle of the amphitheatre. Approach the blood splatter in the center, and well... Follow the trail ;)

Loved the addition of the VN mode, was cool to actually be there and see Amicus's expressions change with each line and all! The only thing I was unable to get to work was the menu item to change your name from Marco. Couldn't get it to react to either the VR or physical keyboards. Beyond that, this is looking really good man!

Dude, I'm not even sure what it is that I found there, but whatever it was definitely gave me chills for a moment lol. Not going there again 😬

I definitely agree with this reasoning. From the media coverage we're receiving in the west, it seems that the Russian people, both civilians and even many of their troops that were tricked into going to war, are completely blameless here and don't want this war or the horrible consequences it's causing. The real problem is the Russian leadership, most of whom are relics of the Soviet Union and are acting like it's still Soviet Russia. It breaks my heart to see the Russians have to deal with such horrible leaders and to see Ukraine suffering so much because of them. I'm so glad to hear Nik is doing okay, I can't imagine what he's been going through.

Man, this makes me so happy. Thank you for taking this huge project on, it's gorgeous! To have so much of this incredible world to explore in VR just made my day!

This is a hornier than average game haha, but it's utterly hilarious with some very serious messages woven throughout. Really enjoying everything so far, V21 was most excellent 🧡

It's like setting the pin when you get a new phone. You set it to whatever 4 digit code you like (something less obvious is better, *wink wink*), but remember it cuz you may just need it later ;)

The Amicus plush toy is back on preorder right now, but they'll only produce it of they get a minimum of 800 orders in. Go place your order!

Whenever I'm doing a Non Tora route, I have to fast forward past that particular dialogue. It break my heart too much...

not sure what phone you have, but on Android you can simply go into the browser apps settings. Look for a line item called something like "install from Unknown Sources" or "Install Unknown Apps." Just make sure that box is check on, and if that's the issue that should resolve it for ya.

Jeez, some people seriously have no shame or sense of decency. You've put so much work and time into this awesome VN, and I truly appreciate you for it. I can't speak for others, but you still have my support. Even if links to Patreon content get leaked, I still plan to support you in your efforts to keep doing amazing work on this. Let us know if there's anything we can do to better support you, like reporting those that share Patreon content or unpackaged assets, etc.

My guess would be that your device has a security setting turned on that restricts downloads and installs of suspicious files. You may have to turn that off for a moment and see if that allows the game to download

Okay I'm loving all of the content that finished off the camping trip, seriously some very touching moments for all the characters we have so far. Juuichi's day two of the camping trip, however, takes the cake in my opinion. Hiro and Juuichi's moment together (without giving anything away here) is just really tender and makes it feel like Juuichi is allowing himself to be a whole lot more vulnerable than he's been able to be previously. It's almost like a silent coming out moment to himself, tbh, like "Haaaah, I guess there's no beating around this bush anymore, is there?". Between this moment and their moment on the 5th, I really love Juuichi's tendency to seek out one on one time with those he cares about, and that the unplanned moments he has alone with Hiro seem to provide for a lot of growth for him too. Super relatable, personally. Wonderful work, friends!

The frosting is the best part of the cake, but you've got to put it on last ;) I love our tiger boy too, but from the notes the dev provided above it seems that they are using written assets from the Revisited project first, which didn't include as much for Tora. They seem to be doing things as efficiently as possible so that the final product is completed both correctly and in a timely manner. 

Beside that, Stormsinger seems like they're working on Homecoming from a completely different headspace than the original development team for Morenatsu: more as a passion project than as a product needing to be completed. So I'm confident that they'll follow through where the original team wasn't able to. We just need patience (as with all furry visual novels, it's a long process).

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He got a new sprite update with build 7, which is his current look. My head canon though is that he works out a ton between updates.

Happy New Year to you as well!

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I just completed a playthrough of Tatsuki, and experienced a glitch to comedic effect. It's more than likely due to me doing a bunch of back and forth of each page to remind myself if context etc. and confusing the game, tbh, so I don't think it something that needs fixed.

Anyway, I had the chat with Juuichi at the bus stop where you start to dig into his interests, and his pop up says "Juuichi is enjoying this." For literally the rest of the game, that pop-up just stayed there haha! It just kept making me giggle, like when I was having very heart felt conversations with Tatsu, and I guess Juuichi is somewhere behind a bush like "hell yeah Nishimura, you've got this!" I friggin' love this game!

Also just as a random side note, of all of the updated sprites when compared to the originals, I simply LOVE Juuichi's the most. The differences in his facial expressions are so subtle yet significant for his reserved character. It makes it so every time I get a smile or a blush out of him, I feel a bit proud and giddy haha. Seriously, amazing work folks!

Yes and no. More implied than anything at this point, with just barely cropped casual nude scenes (just above the goods) and provocative gestures (looking at you Tatsu, you handsy dragon, you). I like that it's a bit drawn out, makes it so the relationship building is deeper and will make the NSFW content far more meaningful, I feel.

I'd definitely love to see more character/relationship building moments for Juuichi on the first two acts, it's sad there are so few compared to some other characters. That said, it does kinda fit his very serious and reserved nature to not really go out of his way all the time to just hang out. He's very dedicated to his training basically every day, and it take sup most of his time. I'd love for Hiro to try and get involved in his training actually  that would be a cool development! But the small number of encounters does make the small moments like the night you go enjoy the fireflies with him all so much more special.

I'm having a really difficult time processing the emotions this game has inspired in me. Bit of background, I am part of/have lived my whole life in a religion that prohibits being gay, or at least acting on it. I'm gay and in the closet. Not a great combo.

I never foresaw myself binge-playijg through this whole game over the course of 2-3 days, but it connected with me on a spiritual level. I have always been told and have thus told myself that people like me can't have love, that I need to live alone my whole life to be good with god. Adastra is my first experience ever truly tasting what it might be like to have somebody to love, somebody who loves me in return. Going through this story allowed me to pretend for a short moment that I was allowed to feel that happiness, that I was free to move forward with a relationship with another man and possibly find love and lifelong companionship there. My mind is still blown by the huge shift in perspective this has affected in me.

The feelings of bittersweet departure at the end of the game are still raw in my heart. What's left in the void Amicus leaves is a whole soup of emotions and realizations. For my first time in my life, I can almost see myself finding love someday irl now, it feels like a potential future for me, and that excites me to no end! Though it may come at the risk of denying my religion and therefore all that I've grown to believe, as well as all of the family and friend relationships I may lose if I leave that behind for the sake of hopefully finding love somewhere out there.

I'm at a bit ofn at a loss at the moment, no idea how to truly move forward yet. But I must say to all those that contributed to creating this story, thank you. You've given this man hope that, despite the difficulties life presents, I may be able to find loving companionship someday so I don't have to spend this life alone. You've done a great thing here, I hope you all know that :)