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Nice one! Liked the fun art style / general character behaviour, and the simplified chess-mechanics with its mix of stealth aspect to it. Much challenge, good head-scratching. Most of my hard times were spent on level 4 and 7 I think.

Very intense.
Much satisfaction when demon dies =3

This was really fun to play <3

Fun =3
Although I wouldn't mind if you play around with the idea where you the ball would be faster the more you hit it, within a small period of time, *regardless if you hit it towards the same direction its moving at or not*.

While this issue is getting fixed, here's a quick-temp fix to anyone experiencing this issue:

When you launch the game from the itch app, wait 20 seconds.After that, hit the space bar once, then hit the down arrow key 2 times, then space, then the arrow keys two times, then space, then the arrow keys once then the left arrow key two times, then the up arrow key once then space, wait 3 seconds, then space again.

So: Wait 20sec => space => down down => space => down down => space => down => left left => up => space space

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Yes. I can select up to 3840x2160 (So there's, in order: 1920x1080 -> 2715x1529 ->  3840x2160 )

me and others have been experiences the same issue, seeing on the quarter top-left of the game after launching. Personally I was fortunate that I could see a portion of the text and managed to change the resolution with a few trial and error, although another player couldn't do this. He tried to change the resolution or make the game run on windowed mode in the config file, but the game would change / accept those new changes. Personally I'm running the game on my laptop (gtx 1070)

Going to check out Engolasters first =3

Hey devs, what's the current state of the game? (Specifically: Pre-alpha, alpha, pre-beta or beta?)

This is actually really fun =3 Would be nice to see it fully developed with more features, graphics, and pick-upable spider abilities =3

Hey, do you have a twitter account?

Also, what's the current state of the game? (specifically: pre-alpha, alpha, pre-beta or beta?)

Managed to snag one =D

Beautiful! <3

Great! Got another question: What's the current state of the available build? (specifically, pre-alpha, alpha, or beta or..) ?

Hey devs, do you have a twitter or facebook account I can follow you on? (prefferably twitter)

Looks nice =3

what's the current state of the game? (specifically: prototpye, pre-alpha, alpha or beta?)

Thought this wouldn't come out! Happy =)

This game is fantastic!

Looks awesome =3 Kinda hope you do a non-vr version though..

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This is great! Hope to see more =3

Do you have a twitter account so I can follow you? =)

it was fun, love the art style and the dialogue between the two characters =3

Lovely game, had fun playing it =3 Hope you continue developing this game again soon =)

Still as fun as when it came out <3

Fun, a lot of tension in it =)

This was fun to play. Love the visuals and smooth gameplay. All around fun =)