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Thanks a ton for the feedback! (It makes me happy to know people liked the music, and I'm sure it's ditto for the others on the various other aspects of the game)

It is a shame we couldn't nail that sweet spot of game flow before the jam ended, but we're all totally up for refining it post-jam and getting it to a level that meets the amount of polish we want while working on what it's currently a little lacking in, i.e. giving it a bit more visual feedback and making it easier to tell what is / will happen, so the player has time to react.

Thanks a ton, there's definitely a lot of room to build up from!

That's a valid concern to have, I suppose at the end of the day it's a matter of integrity. A few people worked on this though, so I don't think any one of us would particularly want to void it for the rest.

this reminds me of my good ol days back on the farm, very cool!

man this is cool tho, if you ever work on it again theres a goldmine of potential

I downloaded it yesterday just to test and it works just fine so I'm not sure what the problem is.

oh my god

thanks for all of your assets, youre actually godly.