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Stephen Pearce

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One thing I do is deliberately seek out Public Domain (PD) or Creative Commons (CC0, CC-BY) assets so that I have the rights to both integrate and redistribute those assets.

Some sites: 

...and how to give proper attribution for those assets.

In a commercial effort, I would expect to get things properly licensed and signed off and possibly with a legal entity involved. For these game jams and experimental works however, permissive commons assets are great.

With Unity projects, I tend to keep my raw assets and unrelated stuff outside of Unity's generated project directory. Here's what a typical directory hierarchy looks like:

When backing up or archiving a project, I'll  just create a 7z archive of the whole thing. Not sure if it's what folks recommend but it works well enough for me.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. I've noticed that Unity supports controllers in the browser too, it just seems a bit hit and miss because of how different browsers handle "user activation" of the controller. I can't always guarantee it'll work smoothly.

I'm looking to support Linux natively at some point too. I just want to figure out a decent packaging setup with proper DE integration before I commit to it.

First time I've seen sitcom laughter tracks applied to in-game dialog. Very creative and an enjoyable mood throughout.

Good game. Well done :-)

Definitely experienced a lower resting bpm with this. A calming experience.

Great submission 👍

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Liked the driving / drive computing references.

Had a fun time with it.

Well done 👍

Love the presentation on this.

Played through to completion.

An inspiring game. Congrats 👍

More engaging and less startling than my gen 1 Tama.

Good submission 🙂👍

Had a couple of runs at this. This was the best score I achieved.

Might have to check out TIC-80.

Good submission. 

An inspiring take on Tetris.

I appreciated the inclusion of the comfort mode too.

Great submission👍

This was an 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦. Well done 🙂

Was that one of those rubber bouncy balls I unlocked at 3000 points? Very nostalgic!

The fun for me was in the discovery of what was next in the background art.

Cool game and music 🎧

I like the message it conveys at the end.

Great game 🙂

That's exactly the response I was hoping for. Thanks 🙂

Nice work!