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Thanks. I've noticed that Unity supports controllers in the browser too, it just seems a bit hit and miss because of how different browsers handle "user activation" of the controller. I can't always guarantee it'll work smoothly.

I'm looking to support Linux natively at some point too. I just want to figure out a decent packaging setup with proper DE integration before I commit to it.

First time I've seen sitcom laughter tracks applied to in-game dialog. Very creative and an enjoyable mood throughout.

Good game. Well done :-)

Definitely experienced a lower resting bpm with this. A calming experience.

Great submission 👍

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Liked the driving / drive computing references.

Had a fun time with it.

Well done 👍

Love the presentation on this.

Played through to completion.

An inspiring game. Congrats 👍

More engaging and less startling than my gen 1 Tama.

Good submission 🙂👍

Straightforward  game. Thankful for the controller support.

I saved the trees 🌴🌴🌴

Good submission 👍

Had a couple of runs at this. This was the best score I achieved.

Might have to check out TIC-80.

Good submission. 

An inspiring take on Tetris.

I appreciated the inclusion of the comfort mode too.

Great submission👍

This was an 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦. Well done 🙂

Was that one of those rubber bouncy balls I unlocked at 3000 points? Very nostalgic!

The fun for me was in the discovery of what was next in the background art.

Cool game and music 🎧

I like the message it conveys at the end.

Great game 🙂

That's exactly the response I was hoping for. Thanks 🙂

Thanks for your time playing and providing feedback. You'll see I've already returned the favour.

I liked the research that was put in to the game.

Thanks. This was my first attempt at exploring any kind of narrative, so I'm glad folks enjoyed it.

The visuals were pleasant enough. I liked the aesthetic, although it did seem too simple.

It's becoming clear to me that I should start working with artists. It's been a solo effort (with many leanings on the Commons) to date and I can't see myself developing artistic or music chops quickly.

*The music was good. The sound effects were decent too

Thanks. I can't take credit for the music except perhaps for the skill of selecting it. It's "Chapel of Hate" by FoxSynergy and it was sourced from Open Game Art. The sound effects were however were definitely mine and they were each generated with BFXR and sometimes bass-boosted with Audacity.

but there was a bullet sound effect that was too loud (caused a jumpscare for me).

Sorry for that 😥. I'll add this to the list of things to address and look to better balance the volume level on audio resources looking forward.

It takes some time to get started with the upgrades, but once you do, it becomes a fun race of sorts to reveal more of the map.

Great submission. It held my attention for a good length of time 👍

Had a good time with this.

A little bit of constructive criticism: the mapping of the right shift key often triggers Sticky Keys on Windows. It wasn't a problem after I disabled it, but it interrupts the gameplay otherwise.


I appreciate that it's immediately obvious how to play your entry.

I was impressed at how polished it felt. All the animations one would expect were in place for example.

Shame it doesn't have music or sfx, but understandable given your constraints on time.

Great submission 👍

Enjoyable ideas throughout what I experienced. 

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get out of the third room with the five blocks.

Good submission 👍

Interesting idea, but perhaps too easy to cheat.  I found myself drumming on the microphone with this one 🤭

Liked the style on this. Cool how you can view the room from different perspectives too. Scored 71 overall.

Good game 👍

The first room was quite a challenge to get through as I couldn't make sense of the pattern on the wall. I eventually figured it out by testing and trying.

Beyond that no problem, except that I couldn't take down the boss in time. I tried... 🙂

A good and creative submission overall. The clockwork reload was especially cool.

No worries. It happens when you're in a hurry. It took me a few attempts to the WebGL build working this time round.

Great look and feel. Inputs were good once I got the hang of things. While I couldn't complete it, I did complete a few runs picking up passengers and dropping them off. Getting fired each time hehe.

An outstanding and creative submission overall. Nice work 👍

Hi RubiusTwon.

I'm seeing this when opening the attached .exe file:

I believe you need to zip and upload the contents of the whole folder which Unity built. The layout looks something like this:

Nice game!

Thanks! 🙂

Took me too long to figure out that you can stop time...

Definitely a couple of design faults on my part. I've noticed sometimes folks don't pick up the clock immediately and then also they don't realise that you can yourself stop time.

Perhaps activating the time the moment you pick up the clock will help. Showing a "press A to stop time" in the same moment also to make it crystal clear perhaps?

 you should have an achievement or special ending if you don't use the watch. :D

That's definitely on the todos 🙂

You'd have gotten a different ending were you able to to make it past the obstacles without using the clock. Similarly another ending if you opted not to destroy the clock and exited stage right. Unfortunately I cut myself short of the time to pursue it all the options. It's something I'd like to explore in the future though.

You can see from my scene list also what I had planned:

Otherwise, nice graphics, the ticking sound made stopping time feel good, fun mechanic


the ending made me chuckle :P

I do like to sprinkle in double meanings from time to time. Glad it worked 🙂

Thanks for playing it all the way through.

Thanks 🙂

Fun game. Got a smile from me :-)

Thanks 😊

Hi all.

I'm a recent newcomer to the jam and have been doing it since 203. I'm trying to get into the habit of making something every week. Weekly Game Jam seemed like the perfect fit 🙂

While I'm sure other jams will pull me away from time to time, I intend to stick around once the Discord server shuts down.

I've shipped games using GameMaker Studio 2 and Unity. I've been committed to Unity for 6+ months and have more recently been using it every day.

Though I have some 3D experience, my style is typically flat and minimalistic. I'm hopeful that my work comes across as charming and stylistically consistent. I lean on the Creative Commons for additional art, music and so on. For SFX I typically generate it in tools like BFXR.

Thanks. The idea was partly inspired by a set of Neodymium magnets. I was awestruck by how powerful they were despite being so small.

A cool and easily understood infinite runner. I'm also impressed by anyone who can pull off a 3D project within the week. Inspiring stuff :-)

I appreciated the pixel art and narrative the most on this.

A little bit of constructive feedback: Personally I wasn't keen on having to backtrack through the customer's story each time I failed. I appreciated that you allowed me to skip past previously seen text however, and that it's quick to skip. The only problem then is that it became too easy to accidentally click one of the three choices, when spamming the ">" next button. I got stuck in a loop several times accidentally for that reason - particularly on the final customer. I think if you were to reduce the width of those choice elements so that it's away from the user's repeat-clicking activity then that wouldn't be a problem.

I played it through to completion. A great submission overall and I'm inspired by the teamwork. Congrats :-)

Thanks for the positive review. I'm really happy with the positive feedback around this week's release 🙂

It's so polished! Charming aesthetics throughout. The drilling mechanic was a lot of fun to play with and the puzzles were interesting. Inspiring work 👍

Thanks. The part with the three platforms and enemy in the middle is perhaps a bit cruel because the enemy is too far out of sight. It makes for a challenge though I think. Were you able to complete it?

Nice work!

"but then I managed to go to the moon"

That's the best outcome. Glad you found it! 😁👏

Thanks. I enjoy taking humour to current events so I'm glad you picked up on it 🙂 

Engagement issues are definitely a common theme among the feedback I've received. With next week's game I'll be putting the player back in control of the action.

Appreciate your honesty. It's helpful 🙂

Clicker games typically consist of a single button input. Progression typically happens by mashing it. Often you'll click thousands of times to reach an end state - if at all. More clever clicker games have mechanics like time. This is a more in-depth explainer of the genre.

My game has a two-minute time limit, multiple inputs and multiple end states. Each ending requires different input strategy to achieve.

Besides the bugs and balancing issues, I made the mistake of assuming that players would understand aspects of investing and the terminology around it. This is a personal game in a way, so I forgot to think beyond my own head.

To address this, I will look to add some explainer slides soon. Perhaps weaving in a brief story too so that players understand what they're fighting (a downward trend) and why (organised market manipulation). I wanted to add a line graph in the left pane too but unfortunately couldn't figure it out in time to meet the deadline.