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Hi Boys Laugh +,

I played the entire first half in 1 go yesterday and I absolutely loved it! The only thing I would have liked is being able to name "Joyce" myself, since for me the AI was a male and Joyce is a girls name in my opinion and in my country. Will that be possible in the future?

Can't wait for the 2nd half! Keep up the good work!

Dear Anomalis!

I just found this VN and absolutely loved the DEMO. Was sad to read afterwards in the comments that it is on hiatus (don't know for sure what it means, but assume a kind of break?).

Do you know by now if it will continue? 
I really hope so!!

Lots of love from a new fan from the Netherlands,

Hi Seraphinite!

This was my first game from and first VN and I absolutely loved it! I find things from the past very fascinating so this definitely was up my alley. 

The only 2 things that bothered me was the mini image of "me" next to the texts all the time. I found that very confusing and had hoped you could turn that off. The other thing I would have liked was being able to change clothes and hairstyles. But I also understand how that can possibly be a bit harder to do. Although I'll still hope that if there is any new game in the works this can be incoorperated somehow. 

Anyway, am already following you and hope to see many more cool vns from you in the future!

Lots of love from Holland! SterreJana