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Good basic pixel game. Its very Simple and intriguing game. Though nearly impossible to win after 50 but I guess thats how this game is supposed to be played.

Great game concept on the puzzle. The game art however....well its Ok. Adding any animations to your game like, to the soldiers or the resistance people would make the game a lot more lively and adding player interactions would make it even better. Overall I like it and the game concept.

Thank you for the suggestion. I didnt want to increase the game acceleration as the player object is already decently fast and anymore speed would make it too difficult to stop the speed as there is this sliding effect in the game. I could change it though but I mainly used it to learn all about this game development better and I seem to have gotten a lot better now.

Though making games more responsive by increasing acceleration surely seems interesting and my next simple 3D project is gonna be based on that.

Thank you for the assets. I have used them in my game. I have given attribution to you in credits of my game. Check it out here. Its a game made by a noob developer but hope you enjoy anything from it at all.

Thank you again for the wonderful assets.

Thank you for your tilesets, they are awsome. I suck alot at art and designing so getting a good tileset is pretty importand for me. 

I gave you an attribution in the credits. the game is here Game Link

Thank you for the audio assets, they are awsome.

I have given credits, check the game out here Game link