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Sven T.

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Sure, go right ahead. Good luck

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Thanks, i'm glad you like it ^^

You can message me on Twitter @sven_thole about commission work

Thank you ^^

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Just released my biggest pixel art asset pack to this date, really happy how it turned out! Feel free to check it out ^^

Humans - Pixel Art Pack

Hello Itch Community!

Merry christmas! My name is Sven and It's now a  two years anniversary since I uploaded my first pixel art asset to! To celebrate, I have a -50% christmas sale on ALL pixel art characters I have uploaded to Thank you again for an amazing two years, I love you all! <3

The Pixel Xmas Collection

The Asset in the picture: Empire - Faction Pack

DOO ITT! Don't let your dreams be dreams :D

Haha, yeah felt like doing something a bit more silly. Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it :D

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Thanks for the interest in my art :)

Yes, it has been a while since I last posted. I'm glad i'm back doing what I love, drawing pixels :) 
Thank you for the support!

Go wild! Good luck and thanks for the support :)

Sure, what is your email?

Really cool! Thanks for showing me :D

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for the interest, but I have a different project i'm working on at the moment :)

No sorry, you can't resell these assets. As stated in the store page: "You can use this asset in any project you want, commercial or not, but you can't resell it as just an asset (as I'm doing here)."

Thank you for your comment :) ..Yeah, I would like those as well. Unfortunately I need to set certain limitations to the number of animations to each character in order to create new content in a resonable amount of time. Hope you understand.

Thank you! That means a lot! :D

Thank you  :)

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Empire - Faction Pack

Three animated 2D character perfectly suited for a pixel art style game. Includes a total of 158 uniquely hand drawn frames. 


  • Idle 12 frames 
  • Run 10 frames 
  • Attack 13 frames 
  • Hit 3 Frames
  • Death 15 frames 

Archer :

  • Idle 12 frames 
  • Run 10 frames 
  • Attack 17 frames 
  • Hit 3 Frames
  • Death 12 frames 
  • Arrow 4 Frames


  • Idle 12 frames 
  • Run 7 frames 
  • Attack 13 frames 
  • Hit 3 Frames
  • Death 12 frames 

Available for purchase: Here!

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- Arun Swordsmith -

Fully animated 2D character perfectly suited for a pixel art style game. Includes a total of 53 uniquely hand drawn frames. 

Package contains: 

  • Idle 10 frames 
  • Run 10 frames 
  • Attack 12 frames 
  • Hit 4 Frames
  • Death 17 frames 
Attack Animation

Available for purchase: Here!

Probably not, it's very old and I think I would prefer to redo the sprite if I ever add animations. Thanks for your interest!

Hi! Thanks for taking an interest in my work :)
You can contact me on Twitter on @Sven_Thole  or e-mail: and we can discuss any potential commission work

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Thanks, more will come :)

Thank you :)

Hehe.. Yeah, I know the pixel nudity might put some people off. But I think it adds a charm to the monstrous character. At this moment I don't really have the time to go back and edit it. Sorry.

Thank you! Glad you like it ^^

Glad you like it, feel free to check out my more recent work :)

Glad you enjoy my work! Sure, go ahead :) ..Feel free to post the GIF/video on Twitter. Would love to see it

Thank you!

Might consider releasing a monster pack in the future with this asset included. But no real plans yet

Thank you :)

Thanks, glad you like it :)
Spearman: 128x64 px
Assassin: 64x64 px
Monk: 80x80 px

Thanks for the offer ..But I have to decline. I suggest you contact a freelance artist for hire. Good luck with the game! :)

Thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I have almost no spare time what so ever at the moment. Good luck with your game! Feel free to share some screenshots with us in the future :)

Thank you! Have tons of more artwork on Twitter if you're interested :)

Here you go:

Thanks for the offer! Could definitely be a possibility in the future. Good luck with the game engine :)

Thank you! Got more awesome stuff on the way :D

I'm amazed how quickly you can create nice looking characters! Kudos to you :)
Just started drawing on some new animations myself!