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Sven T.

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Hey again! I'm thinking about merging the light guard and heavy guard into a package. Just wanted to let you know :)

Thanks for the comment! Hope it comes to good use :) ..You can relax, I mostly do it for fun. As you might can guess the price is not that important too me and I have no plans on raising it. Also feel free to check out my more recent artwork :)

Thanks, glad you like it :)
Spearman: 128x64 px
Assassin: 64x64 px
Monk: 80x80 px

Replied to Evan in Zombie comments

Thanks for the offer ..But I have to decline. I suggest you contact a freelance artist for hire. Good luck with the game! :)

Thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I have almost no spare time what so ever at the moment. Good luck with your game! Feel free to share some screenshots with us in the future :)

Thank you! Have tons of more artwork on Twitter if you're interested :)

Here you go: https://creativecommons.org/pu...

Thanks for the offer! Could definitely be a possibility in the future. Good luck with the game engine :)

Thank you! Got more awesome stuff on the way :D

I'm amazed how quickly you can create nice looking characters! Kudos to you :)
Just started drawing on some new animations myself!

Thank you, really appreciate it! :D

Really like the sword and legs in the attack animation! Could had been more "swoosh" in the cape and maybe a bit more stability to the shield, feels a bit wobbly. But that's my personal preference, take it or leave it :)

Nice one! Really like the run animation :)

Nice one! Keep up the good work :)