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You can contact me on email and we can discuss the possibility for commission work:

Hey, I'm currently not planning on adding that

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Nice! Thanks for the support and good luck with the game!

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Hey, setting animations speed can be a bit tricky. This is an issue I will try to solve with my packages. For now here are the animations samples for Unity:

  • Idle - 8 samples/s
  • Run - 11 samples/s
  • Attacks - 14 samples/s
  • Block Idle - 8 samples/s
  • Block - 11 samples/s
  • Jump - 9 samples/s
  • Fall - 9 samples/s
  • Roll - 11 samples/s
  • Ledge Grab - 14 samples/s
  • Wall Slide - 11 samples/s
  • Hurt - 11 samples/s
  • Death - 11 samples/s

You can of course tweek these values to suit your personal need. I hope that helped! 

I have plans to do a large bundle sale of all my assets this summer. I'm working on new assets, but i'm focusing on quality over speed right now. So I can't promise it soon :)

I don't have plans to do that at the moment unfortunately.

Yes! You are free to modify the characters and use for commercial use

Was not planning on updating this package any further, but you can contact me at: 

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

Not at the moment

Hey, I have now updated the package to include a 3 frame hurt animation!

Yes. I'm currently updating my library of assets to include a instructions.txt and preview images of the sprite sheets in order to make the assets easy to use.

After importing the sprite sheet, you should change the Sprite mode to multiple and then click the Sprite Editor button. Here you can slice the sprite with type "Grid by cell size". Type in cell width 100 and height 55. You can check out the preview files in order to get a grasp of where each animation begins and ends in the sprite sheet. Hope that helped!

Thank you for pointing this out and taking the time to write your comment. I will address this issue right away. 

Right now i'm working on updating all my previous assets to give their project pages a more polished look. After that I will be releasing new characters :)

Thank you! Unfortunately i'm not currently available for commission work. I hope you understand. Thanks for the support! 


Yeah, might do that in the future! Thanks for the input :)

That's a great compliment, thank you!

I used PyxelEdit to create these characters. No source files are included unfortunately.

Hey! I have some more detailed characters coming up, but they might not quite be what you are looking for. Not planning on drawing another version of the hero knight. But I appreciate your support :)

You are free to use it in any game you are going to sell!

Thank you!

Thanks alot! I'm happy to hear that it's up to good use 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it 

It's my pleasure :)

^This is a good suggestion!

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The best method is to increase the size of the sprite in the game engine. In Unity this would be done either by just scaling the character or by selecting the character texture and lowering the "Pixels per unit". Another option is to resize the texture in Photoshop using the nearest neighbour algorithm, then it should not blur but might give poor results. 

I don't have any such creatures planned as of right now. This character was created to fit in the same style as my other work, so if you are interested in more characters feel free to check them out here:

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Thank you!

Thank you :)

Thank you!

I'm glad to hear that you like my work! I appreciate the support :)

You're welcome!


It's my pleasure!

Thanks for the feedback! This has now been updated

Thank you!

Thanks for the support

Yes! Go ahead :)