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Tim set this up last night. It's super helpful.

Tim you pressed the wrong button. You should have clicked "Host Game Jam".

An amazingly hellish platformer, with puzzle-precision platforming difficulty, and an atmosphere that truly is deserving of the title "Hell". Every time I died, the bassy drop followed by the laughter of demons galvanized my resolve to just try one more time, so that I might land that jump or avoid that obstacle. This game primes itself with simple, palatable mechanics that turn out to be surprisingly difficult and rageworthy in practice. As a beta tester, I highly recommend playing this game.


this is a very charming game!

interesting concept, but I got really frustrated accidentally jumping into the electrical wires since the jump button is right next to the puzzle button. I think the slime thing near the button was unnecessary, as some of the traps are dangerous enough. Plus, if the slime is in the wrong position and you get a rocket, it becomes an unavoidable death. The objective wasn't too clear, but once I got the hang of it (inputting code until I got one right while dodging hazards), it seems like it could be really fun with some tweaks.

maybe it was one of the non-entries, like Virtual Sheep?

Cute game! It's a bit difficult to avoid the raisin cookies at times.

I think they ran out of time. However, I was able to open up the .rar file and play the game just fine.

Tim when starting JimJam #2: I can't wait to see what you make with this.

Tim when reviewing this game: Oh god.

I walked into a dark corner until this boy jumpscared me.

Please play on MEDIUM settings, thank you!

I'd love to rate this game but my network/dropbox is unable to let me download such a large file...

Hey there! It seems that your game can't play without a very critical OpenAL32.dll. Luckily, as a MonoGame developer I have a copy always handy. Place this next to the game executable to be able to run the game.


If you don't trust my link, that's okay, you can go to to install OpenAL on your computer.

It seems that the download link has expired. Maybe try uploading the game on itch?

Hey there! Most people aren't able to immediately play Scratch 2 project files, so I've ported the game to SWF and EXE to assist other people. 

For porting SB2 to SWF I used
For porting SWF to EXE I used

Ouroboroll SWF:
Ouroboroll EXE:

If you're skeptical of my builds, you can build it yourself using the tools I linked.

It seems like you excluded some needed files for this build. Maybe ask Tim if you can resubmit?

The game also crashed for me, briefly after showing the Godot splash screen. Win10 user here.

I really enjoy the music, I keep replaying this game just to listen to the tracks.

This game has great potential, it's just lacking in a lot of things right now. Still, the core game manages to be very fun- a short 10 minute shooter in the demo's current state. Look forward to the full release!