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Vibin' music and low-poly is always awesome. After thanking everyone I got back into the elevator and could imagine an assembled cast waving goodbye as the doors closed. Good job!

Thanks for tuning in!

Made me laugh, especially "Let the random words begin". Certain letters were harder than others, you know who you are. (J, Q, X, Z)


Really catchy and fun to watch. I'm just imagining hundreds of names flying by in a second. Congrats!

Haha thanks. During the jam I consolidated my logo's color scheme. Thanks for noticing!

That's just the feeling I was going for!

Of course I owe the snappy music to 3xBlast, who released this track to the public domain.


Thanks glad you enjoyed it!

Engaging! My score was 12941. I started fast then paced myself when I realized how many names there were. I really like the space-y look and that you used Godot. Congrats!

Cool, I'm going to need that tea blog in real life though. Good luck with the mystery game!

Rock on! It looks good.

Very original, I like your style. The "," and "." miscreants definitely escaped on my first try since they were hard to see. Cool characters by the way, and I learned something about Japan. Congrats!

Thank you!

I really appreciate the sheer speeds you can achieve. Nice cast too. Good job!

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Like what you see? Check out my last game UnDetective!

Really unnerving. Not my cup of tea but congrats on the entry.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing!

Haha didn't see it in the discord but it's the first thing that came to mind.

Thank you!

Ouch. Check out Version Control for next time!

Looks cute as heck and good gameplay potential. Needs to be much faster paced all-around. Congrats!

Very funny and very fun game. Level 17 black screen is the ending right? I almost got stuck leaving the bank because the character can't move at low speeds. Good job!

Thank you for playing.

Nice little game. My score was 29, the enemies with guns were pretty hard to beat. It was fun pushing furniture around. Good job!

I did!

It's a cool idea with decent puzzles, simple sprites and nice music. Boxes are very slippery and spin when you try to push them. AI text could be a little faster. I really like the floor spikes. Congrats!

Thank you!

Thank you! Fine sleuthing, detective. The audio is bad on the web version for some reason. But doesn't cut or anything on the downloadable version!

Thanks for playing! I'll give you a hint: follow the blood and find 3 clues :).

My apologies if the audio was loud. The glitchy sound happens everytime I export a web project on Godot and I still haven't figured out how to fix it.

Haha good work detective! Thanks for playing.

Cool idea, find the odd one out. However it was too difficult for me to track all that information. Congrats!

Great concept and solid core mechanics. It got pretty easy and repetitive after a few levels, and I kept playing for an ending until I realized it was endless. Graphics are cute and colorful, and good work using the theme. Congrats on your first Unity game!

Hilarious! I like the run sound effects. Reminds me of IWBTG. Congrats.


Have fun with UnDetective? Check out my last prototype Pac-Min!

Thank you Tom!

Awesome cinematography, cool models and concept. I wanted to detonate on my target but coming in at a low angle bounces you off the floor. More sound could really make this game epic. Good job!

Thank you for the encouragement!

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you like what little there is.