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Well done my friend, you got into the vid!!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further!

If you are interested in a postjam version, one is out now. What is out now is the final version and wont be developed further.

Aww i want to play it so badly but i dont have any controllers =(

Thanks for the feedback and positivity!! I think that together with the other comments gave me enough feedback and encouragement to make a postjam version with better placement of the colors, some better UI and fixing the animations as well as the soundfx. Also I want to add more to the second playthrough because as it is now its only one level that you do anything different in. I hope it will be done in about two weeks.

Also, a sidequestion; did you go to the left or to the right?

Everything is super slow. The game feels like it wants you to wait for everything. On many levels I had to retry loads of times and it all just felt like a wast of time because I had to spend most of the time waiting for platforms. It was not that original but it was adhering to the theme!

Love the fact that you played the game! Really appreciate it!

Thank you so much! Really happy you liked it!

What. the. hell. The music and the sounds are perfect. And the fact that you made six good levels in 48 hours with this great art and animaitons.

Everything is a great puzzle and the tower showing your progress is a stroke of genius. 

Design 5/5 

It has great design and you move through the game with a constant feeling of uncertanty and of terror.

Adherence 4/5

It works well with the theme with the one tile seeing in front of you

Originality 3/5

Dungeon crawlers hade made things like the light seeing since rouge so the lightmechanic isnt so original but i think the fact that you can put the light out weighs it up a bit!

I got it. Its not subtle but when I thought about it was a nice way of showing the only one theme and the title is perfect.

Only one room, only one healthbar, only one enemy.

But it would need a lot more polish, just something like getting the background to not be default blue is something that would make it a lot better.

Design 1/5 

Its very little when it comes down to the gameplay. 

Adherence 5/5

Got to say it was fitting well with the theme

Originality 3/5

It is very original to share your health with your enemies although the gameplay is just about getting to the door over and over again and less focused on the healthbar

Supercool to move the key that you use and the slow down when you move the button.

The screen get a bit busy in later levels and i dont know if it was an and so i quit. Very fun to play tough.

Design 3/5 

I could get to a certain point but then it got to busy to see anything

Adherence to theme 5/5

Only being able to use one button makes for some great scenarios.

Originality 4/5

Ive seen spaceshooters like this but never have i even thought you could make something this clever with the spaceshoter concept!

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Super cool with the way it puts the music in the foreground when you have to listen to be able to engage fully. 

One problem is that the inviorment i very busy and the song would need need a beat that signals what key your on. Let me explain: 

 1 2 3 4

On the one beat you can jump, on the two you can move left, on the three beat you can jump and on the fourth you con go right.

The different actions for the different beats should be sound coded and those sounds should be pretty loud. For example the jump could be signaled by a kickdrum, the right by a snare and the left by a hihat. That would make it instantly hearable and removing the arrows and having a simpler first level would put the music even more in the foreground.

Design 5/5

Everything works so smothly when you figure it out when you should be pressing the keys. The movement system is super cool and the attack thrown at you just boosts the experience and makes you focus even more!

Adherence 4/5 

There is a lot of things that there is only one of, one guy, one tempo, one button.

Originality 5/5

I have never seen a game even close to this before. This is very original

When you build a game in unity you get more files than just the executable.

Build all files in one folder and then zip it. Upload the zip then!

Like it but the last portal is super frustrating because you have to turn in a direction to be able to get out of the portal.

But it was very interesting to play because it turns it into a puzzle!

Very original but i cant think about more than mark now

When you build a game in unity you get a lot more files than just the exe, you have to build them in one direcory and then zip. Then upload the zip!

Thank you! I spent a lot of the time getting a original idea and i think this was the one with most originality and most interesting, so thank you!

Thank you for playing, i might one day make a game that has that extra focus on color shifting instead of the sneaky gameplay.

The one bullet mechanic was super well put into place. It blew my mind a bit that you even thought about something like an arcade style shooter with only one shot!

Altho the game is superhard and i couldnt get past the first three waves. Although  got to say that i like the enemy designs.

You designed a way around the fact thath the bullet would get stuck by adding a laserbeam that pulls it towards you. Its so original!

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The arm throwing is really funny but it would be nice with some goal that the game rewards you for getting to

The art is cool and the animations is simplistic but work well. 

The game isnt that original which is a problem in a gamedesign jam. 

Great you found my terrible explaination useful.


idk why i had to do a evil laugh but hehe. why not ; )

I just replayed the game and tried to reflect a bit on why I felt the way i felt so you could get some reasoning around what i said.

I figured the laser would need some better telegraphing(idk how to properly spell telegraphing) because i could not see the connection with the explosions at first. Thats why the timing was so damn hard to get when trying to deflect the lasers. But when i read about the double cue and looked for it in the laser i could see it. But because the laser were so busy with other effects i couldnt see the cue. So either you could lower the amount of the other effects around it or increase the opacity of the "pulse" effect. 

Also when i hear a double pulse, i immideatly figure to press when the next puls would come and i think a lot of others do as well. The problem is that you have to tap BEFORE the pulse actually comes. Even though the brain wants you to tap on the beat you have to tap before the beat, it goes against instinct. So maybe you could make the pulse attacks (laser and explosion) actually do damage a few frames after the "imaginary beat". A terrible explanation, but imma roll with it.

The hitboxes of a lot of the bullets is bigger than the actual object, at least it feels so when you play. You can generally make the hitboxes of bullets in "bullet hell style games" smaller than the actual object. Just a tip, but i recomend to try it out and playtest it. It will feel easier and a bit less punishing.

I think the reason why I disliked the new music is because it is so sudden. The hihat just comes outof nowhere straigt into your face and its pretty loud, wich is not helping, generally the new song is so much more intense. So it would be nice with a transition song between dream 2 and 3.

On the assistmodes it sounds good.

A debug mode would be really nice to have where you can see the dream your at, the level of the dream and go back and fourth between levels with a buttonpress. (bonuspoints if it is activated by simply writing "debug" on the keyboard ;  ) ) that would make 


the hitbox is off so all the characters is floating.

To get to the secret you have to move the ball thing trough the floor and it just looks like a bug.

Thats all i had time to write because the gmtk game jam is starting soon, ill write more when its done : )

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I just played the new version and there are some good things and some bad things.

The new music feels very off and the drums dont sound like they belong with the dark nature of the game. You could try out to use a plucksynth or a piano for it instead, try out a lot of stuff! You could maybe take a look at the music from celest to get some inspiration.

The wave style is very frustrating, espaccially in the later levels where I fell like I get the win stolen from me, because when I prepared to land the last hits on an enemy and I did it feelt amazing. But then another wave killed me on the spot and it totally catched me offguard andfeelt really bad. The wavedesign also makes the fights a lot longer and makes it more frustrating when you die. 

In a lot of fights I didnt find the way to actually fight the enemy. Think of it this way: You can fight the enemy in two ways: by deflecting their attacks or to attack them head on. Most fights seem to favourise the first one. BUT even when using the deflect the deflect would almost never work because of two things: the enemy/enemies shot more than one shot at a time and the timing window is so short or the attack wouldnt be telegrafed precisely enough. What i mean with that is that i could know there were an attack coming, but i could never tell exactly enough to time the deflect. And even if I instead chose to just use the sword instead I would get completely overwhelmed with attacks and shot into pieces. So, in short: make the fights more clear on what weapon to use.

And just a little thing. The screen doesnt get completely blacked out when you die (there is two "stripes" at the top and at the bottom that doesnt turn black) and there is no deathanimation of the character. My screensize is 1940*1080 if you wondered.

A saving system is much needed.

So now to the good things!

I like that the game goes sideways as well as downwards. It was getting a bit tiring to just fall and fall and fall. Those points when you are walking sideways could be a point of rest and to give the game some better pacing instead of being so intense all the time. 

I really like the new enemies, they have such great animations you cant help but admiring them (even if it is the thirteenth time they kill you). ALSO i couldnt help but notice you have stolen some of the designs from jignons ascent. *wink wink*

The way the hidden boss is hidden gives the game more replayability because you get to know how to destroy such walls later in the game.

The assist mode really helps out. But i think that it is a bit intruding on the experience. You could take a look at the Gamemakers toolkit video "Celestes assist mode". 

But from what ive seen, the game is really getting somewhere! 

Really well done!

Edit: Im not at all sorry for writing such a long comment, meheheheh

There are some proplems:

  • The friendly cubes dont respawn.
  • The music is in a menu. It should be played automaticly.
  • It is very unclear what the yellow checkpoints do. I spended a few minutes just trying to figure out what they do.
  • The camera is so zoomed in you cant tell what is going on

It would be nice if you could take all those discontinued prototypes and combined them into one executable

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HOLY SHIT. Im scared.
I played the fieldtrip one and it kinda freaked me out to be honest. The sound are pretty good but some things are just confusing like how I got attacked when I was out collecting wood. The style of the sprites are pretty nice. Would love to see this when it gets to a finished state after the kickstarter.

Ambient and puts you in an almost zen like state. It would have been nice with some interactivity instead of everything being static. The ambient sounds was nice addition instead of everything just being quiet. The turning was VERY snappy and removed you from the nice zen state and made it really clunky to move. Very interesting idea indeed.

The shader is super cool, i tried turning it off and it looked a lot less creepy. Would have made it a lot more full with some sound. Really well done!

Very interesting idea. Would have liked a bit more diversity

I think it might be better to have a assist mode for those who really need it and instead have main levels and hard levels. The main levels are basicly the story levels you have to play and the hard levels are bonus levels that you can play if you want to, but you have to complete maybe a specific task to get them. 

Just so you now, I got to dream three.

Then when you get the deflect, it feels a bit useless. It has a very short room for error(you have to activate it excactly at the right time or you will take damage) and when you have a lot of enemies against you at the same time it just becomes easier to attack them head on and take some damage. So a way to fix it and at the same time balance it would be to increase the time the deflect is activated and then have a longer recharge. But check with others and see what they think.

The music is so perfect for the setting with the eary synths and the melody. The difficulty curve might be a bit too steep so I got a bit after the deflect. This would totaly be something I would like to see as a full game.

 As it is a really brutal and difficult game, it would need a lot more playtesting from others and something more to keep you going when you get stuck on a level.

But I just really love the concept and the style.

Sorry it took so long to answer. I mean if you are going to combine all albums it would probably be easier if all albums were structured the same way.

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So I have loads of unfinished art, music and so on that I would like share. The family albym sounded like the right thing but can you tell how you are supposed to submit the album and how to create one. Are there any guidelines to follow? I know you can just put the stuff in a folder and call that a day but how are you supposed to do it so it fits in with everything?