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Stegosoft Games

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Hmm, the contact thing on our website should work... I've received plenty emails from there. I'll have to look into it to see if it worked. Also, I get those automated messages as well, but I don't participate on itch very often.

Anyway! I do apologize again for that! I found that managing Ara Fell's release was way more work than I expected and I think the whole thing was overwhelming. I'll need to make a system to actually handle our next game's release, rather than just winging it.

Hey there, sorry! I did forget to keep an eye on itch. It's not that we "don't give a s***" about itch customers; just that there's a lot to keep track of. But I just noticed that I can subscribe to topics, which I'll do for the bugs thread.

Emailing us is actually a really reliable way to get in touch. I check the company's emails every few hours or so. I'm not seeing anything in my inbox... Can I ask what address you used for your email? I'll check to see if they're going through.

As for the missing .dll, I'm not sure how that could have happened, but I'll get it fixed. Thanks for bringing it up, and I do apologize for leaving you guys hanging!

Thanks for the head's up! I must have mixed up versions of RPG_RT at some point.

Thanks for bringing these up! We'll get them fixed right away and get a new version posted soon. Sorry for the trouble!

Hey there! Really happy you enjoyed the game!

Went ahead and tweaked some of the bosses based on your suggestions. Due to the gimmicks, they were awfully hard to balance. I'll take the rest of your feedback into consideration too. Thanks for taking the time to write all that, we really appreciate it!

You're very welcome! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game despite the bugs!

... Oops. No, it wasn't necessary! I have some beta tester code, but I didn't realize it would reset your level. I'll fix this a different way and re-upload it for you. Just a sec!


There you go. that should do the trick.


Here's your save! And you're welcome! I'm just sorry you ran into these issues. Some of them aren't really our fault, but some of them are... so I really do apologize for that!

I added a gold key to your inventory. Incidentally, dropbox is the file-sharing upload site I'd recommend using generally. Filedrip worked fine, but dropbox is really useful and it's worth taking the time to make an account if you ever need it!

For the flying error... man. That really is weird. I'll just have to randomly play around with stuff and see if I can improve it. I can't recreate it myself though, so it's really difficult to test...

As for the game locking up, the latest version should fix that.

For the last dungeon, I've checked and rechecked everything that would make the elf statue disappear and I can't find anything. I'm going to hope it's just a freak thing since this hasn't been brought up before, but if you notice it in another playthrough or anything, please let me know!

Hey there Sheba! I'll respond to these issues in the order you posted them. And sorry for all these issues. It's a lot harder to update new versions on itchio. On steam, we can fix any little thing immediately, but we have to upload a whole new copy of the game for itch.

re: hunting range

This is another weird bug where the counter isn't updating correctly for reasons I don't understand. I tried a bunch of random things and I think I've identified the problem. We'll upload a new version of the game tonight.

re: index -1 errors

Sorry about that. Those have got to be really frustrating... I'm not entirely sure of the cause, but you're the first to bring it up since we released. That happened several times during beta testing. I made some changes, couldn't reproduce it again and the testers stopped bringing it up.

It's a very strange error... I'll keep looking into it. At any rate, I do apologize for the trouble. Does it seem to happen randomly? If you can find a place where it happens consistently, would you mind uploading your save game for me and I'll have a look? Thanks!

re: small girl -

That was a silly mistake on my part. I used a blank graphic as a placeholder in some places, then added a graphic to it but forgot that I was using it as a placeholder. The version uploaded tonight should fix it.

re: Game-locking up.

This can sometimes occur when you skip through messages too quickly. Do you remember what the last thing that was said before it locked up by any chance?

re: Last dungeon

Was the elf at the beginning near the pond truly invisible, or did it just blend it with the rocks?

If you upload your save somewhere, I'll add a gold key to your inventory. Looking around, I don't see why you'd lose a key in this way... There was an issue before with items disappearing. Not sure when you last downloaded the game, but that should have been fixed a few days ago...

The engine we're using is very poorly optimized (not our fault, I promise!) so a lot of the code resolves itself slowly, especially on slower computers. I wonder if that might have something to do with what's happening here. At any rate, I will look into this gold key issue. Upload that save and I'll get you going again!

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Huh. I have no idea... I'll look into it ASAP.

Is it causing a problem, or is it just strange?

edit: I forgot to say thank you! I hope you're enjoying it!