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Really polished entry. 
Give me a retro top-down dungeon crawler and I'm happy.
I was skeptical about the card twist but it turned out to be pretty fun and engaging.
Very nice!

Either I'm tripping or those paintings are changing maaaaaan.
Jokes aside, really relaxing and chill entry.
But part of me cannot stop thinking about a horror twist behind the corner.
Thanks for sharing.

Nice work for your first jam.
Really fun art style and sound effects.

This is what happens when you don't clean your keyboard regularly.
Fun entry. It's fun when things get heated up and *yes* out of control.
Really nice.

It's a fun unique movement system game (I'm sure Mark would really like it).
I feel it's a bit too random maybe? But that could just be me being bad at the game.
Great job.

Thanks for playing!
Glad you enjoyed it.

The fact that you consider shooting pointless is kind of interesting.
Makes me wonder whether I should re-consider it as a mechanic, or maybe a temporary bonus.
I'll think about it.
Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Played and rated days ago, but forgot to leave a comment here (I fail).
Really well-made entry. Fantastic aesthetic that manages to give a great atmosphere to the title.
Very original premise and execution (but I think you know this already).
And on a side-note, the old lady is adorable.
Great job!

This reminds me of Kuru Kuru Kururin a lot. Pretty good!
Really simple and addicting.

Really nice twist on the auto-runner genre.
Thanks for sharing.

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This was absolutely hilarious to play. 
Didn't expect that changing language twist.
The sudden change to Latin (and then Welsh and so on) gave me good laugh.
Really fun!

Thanks for playing and yeah, that's pretty funny.
Really interesting how you can make a game with an idea and the opposite of that same idea.

Challenging game.
The constantly-changing gun is hilarious.
I'd add some i-frames after you get hit however, as it's very easy to get killed by a single enemy, for me at least (I fail).

Really fun!

Neat idea. I like puzzles that involves more (literally) moving parts.
Simple and fun.

Really neat puzzle mechanics.
The idea of injecting inputs into other elements of the game is quite interesting and original.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
You're absolutely right about the color coding. 

I'm definitely experimenting with colors a bit more for the next build. 
I like when games go full "show don't tell" and hopefully I'll find a way to achieve with this color palette. 
The idea (at its core at least) is having red enemies being weaker to dash attack, while white ones are "neutral", so you can shoot them down by conventional means (preferably), but they're not immune to dashing.

I'm also thinking of adding 4th color to the palette. 
The reason this time is more on the aesthetic side however, rather than gameplay (for now at least).
I blame the game "Hell is Other Demons", which I highly suggest if you enjoyed "Downwell" (for both gameplay and look).

Thanks again for playing.

Thank you.
I tried to make bosses go down as fast as possible because of the jam-nature of this game, as I wanted the whole experience to last a mere couple of minutes.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that you're right.
I'm in fact planning a couple of twists and turns on the formula, so bosses and levels feel a bit more varied and less same-y.

Thanks for playing and for your much appreciated feedback!

Thanks for playing!
And yes I'm planning on expanding on this prototype. 
Let's see how it turns out.

Kudos for having XANA in your avatar by the way.

This gave me a good laugh. Thank you.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

Thanks for playing!
And thanks for the heads up on the sounds.
I'll make sure to lower their volume next time.

Thanks for playing.
Glad you enjoyed.

Fun and fast-paced puzzle pandemic.

Way trickier than it looks like.
Very simple but effective idea.

This is hilarious and fun.
Bonus points for the evil magician's name, Crushendo, which is genius.

Thanks for playing!

Mark wasn't messing around. The Zoe & Bob really *is* challenging.
And he's also right about this being a great idea for a fun party game.
Great job!

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Just saw this one on Mark's stream.
Really clever idea and execution!

Thanks, fellow Downwell lover!

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You worked hard all day, following your usual routine.
It's a tough job but it pays taxes, despite the implications of signing *that* suspicious contract.
Today's shift has been oddly longer than usual. 
You're starting to remember things.
You remember.
You remember what you had for dinner last night, what your loved ones look like.
Even your name.

Then... it happens. You feel tired, the boxes get heavier and your legs get weaker by the second. 
That haunting sound you heard in your nightmares was suddenly real. It was real all along.
You gaze upon the mighty colorful wheel looming over the factory, the malevolent God that trapped you and your friends there.
You remember.
You remember why moving boxes is what you have to do: because it's the only thing you can do now. 

A new color has been chosen: it's red.
You feel the urge to check your jacket, hoping it's blood-tinted, but the answer came in the form of a body standing up next to you, a body you didn't even notice until that very moment. 
And you fall. You fall like a toy with dead batteries. You're gone, you're out of control, but you're still there, as you get carried around like a box and stepped over like a disposable platform.

The wheel spins. Your shift is over.
The wheel spins and it says that this is a really fun game, with an original idea that creatively builds on this year's jam premise. 
Great job!

Very well-made puzzle game and great presentation.

One of the best-looking games of the jam.
Pretty fun to play and having your controller getting cursed as you take damage is a really fun idea. I like how you can actually take *back* the control(s), especially when moving around with the roundhouse kick move.
Really good!

I played Altered Beast as a kid so I know where this is going!
Lame jokes aside, this is a neat idea that really fits the theme.
I experienced however an issue: at one point, my attack stopped working while in demon form.
Maybe it's just me but I wanted to point this out.
Other than this, pretty neat.

I felt like I was playing Twister on my keyboard, but with a name like "Keyboard Dancer" that had to be expected. Pretty brutal! Nice presentation overall.

Maybe it was the sound design but I can see some potential psychological horror game out of this.
Pretty nice.

Thanks for playing!

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I actually watched you play it on your live stream and it greatly helped putting things into perspective.
First of all, thanks for playing (again, sorry of the lackluster music).

I couldn't really answer during the stream (it felt weird to keep talking about my game while you were playing others) but I feel it does fit the theme. Admittedly it's a bit of a stretch as the idea is basically "I can't control my ship like I'm used to", with the added effect of inertia/drifting, so maybe it's more of a "twist on classic controls" rather than completely "out of control".

Either way, thank you again very much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing.
Yes! A mix between Gradius and Celeste is basically what I was going for.
Glad you enjoyed.

Really fun puzzle game. 
I can easily see this premise lasting for dozens of more levels without getting old.
I finished it and I'm glad the sword wasn't actually *that* mad in the end.
Everyone needs a bro-sword.

Pun game status = S I C K