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Stealthy BOOM!

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Douse yourself in blood, it's good for your skincare;) Usually, the more hype the bigger the disappointment, not this time. Beautiful retro graphics, well-paced, great replayability, no game-breaking bugs or annoying glitches. The secret levels did take me by surprise, I'm not complaining tho'. I'm grateful for getting 3 games in one. Oh, that Stick Guy scared the S*** out of me :p So yeah, this was awesome!

I totally agree about the voice volume, which is a pity because the voice acting is top-notch. But I'm confident they will do something about it, right?

Melancholic dread, daddy issues with a low poly twist, time & space anomalies and mysterious bunkers?! I WANT MORE. The rain is a character on its own - the perfect companion while roaming a Chernobyl-like Welsh countryside. Tho' I wish the voice volume * especially at the beginning of the game * was a wee bit louder. Somewhat off topic, but this demo triggered me into replaying 'Singularity'.

A grenade launcher, for real?? If you don't really mean it, don't tease my poor heart :))) I can hardly wait. KABOOM!

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IS THAT DUCK TWERKING ON MY CORPSE?! YUP. DEFINITELY.  ~Really cool graphics, a good variety of weapons and enemies, great replayability, contagious soundtrack, dark humor, nice Easter eggs,  balanced gameplay, increasingly difficult levels - not much to complain about, except maybe for not getting a bazooka :p Not a dull moment, not a second to waste. But why are there so many toilets in this game? Both puzzling and mesmerizing, one of those mysteries forever left unsolved :p

Oh, I didn't know about the froggy chair meme! The joke was lost on me, my bad. K, so maybe the ending was not with a bang but it was funny. Let's memefy everything :))) Waiting for part 2.

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Because of a stupid mistake, I lost my modded Skyrim, so your game brought me some comfort. As a Snow Elf, I felt very much at home in Frogrim. Spot on music, loved the save points, the journals were a nice touch, the deadly ray of lights are my favourite element. Still, wish I knew more about the toad and his journey, and the ending was a wee anticlimactic. Nevertheless, I had lots of fun - thank you!! Ps. Just a silly idea, how about a harder puzzle that combines avoiding the light spots while jumping on the poisonous mushrooms? :p

Quirky, witty, absurdist humor! Nice story twist! Multiple endings -yay!! But it's also super buggy. I kept getting fatal error and the axe has disappeared countless times mid-game but I'm stubborn, I pushed through :P No matter, I can hardly wait for new games, keep it up!! Damn it, that song is stuck in my head now.

Look at those evil-cute eyes!! It’s like Gollum and Sauron had a baby! Is anybody willing to help me babysit?! Come on over, I'll bring pizza... you get the exorcist.

THANK YOU FOR BREAKING ME! My sanity is shattered... but it was worth it! I'm new to horror games but I think you converted me :p My conclusion: always carry a flamethrower with you - always!

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Loved it! Beautiful and eerie, great attention to detail, nice jump scares. Played it 3 times. I encountered two issues tho’, maybe the problem is at my end.

1) When reading the instructions near the recorder, you can press F to interact. This doesn't do anything for the notes, can’t pick them up, that’s ok. But by pushing F with your back at the chessboard, you actually place the ring on the chessboard without realizing it, missing an important scene. I kept looking for the ring around the house but it was already offered.

2) During one of my playthroughs, I couldn't move the chess pieces out of a sudden. The pink marker disappeared completely and I got stuck in a loop. The writings on the wall kept urging me to make a move but I couldn't. Or maybe I missed an available move because I was so scared :p Dunno. But the pink marker was nowhere, that's for sure.

Hope this feedback helps if there’s anything to fix - if it’s my bad, sorry for the babble.

K, here’s my shameless yt advertisement, hope you don’t mind I made a vid :p