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you ask for dyes enough and he'll offer to give you a new eye!!

fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women fish women 

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I feel like the change from toggling fashionistas in the options to having to turn it off every time you play a level detracts a lot, maybe going back to making it part of the options menu would be nice since it would also let the video take up more of the screen again. Perhaps make it so disabling gives you the stars from the fashionistas but hides the phone completely?

I will say, those gallery images just get better and better though, very nice~

Absolutely love how far along this has come, only issue is that I just can't get those last two gallery images, heh! Keep up the good work man!

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I don't seem to have the original bitsy file for this game, something must've broke with the new updates, but for now I'll deem this game as out of order. Sorry!

I'll eventually post more bitsy games here (working on a little animation bitsy atm :eyes:) so keep an eye out!

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ah, you need to get all the other items first!

thanks for playing!


uh oh, looks like the door broke...

I'll have to look into it, thanks for the comment

imagining a switch version one day with co-op...

man that would be good (but you do you, no worries about making any advancements here^^)

This is probably one of the best if not THE best pico 8 game I've played, ever. The sound, colors, design, it all works marvelously. Even without audio I can still hear the music playing, it's perfect.

If this were an app i would get it in a heartbeat (or as soon as i had money if it was paid)

hell yeah

a very distinguished gentleman

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There's a large issue, when a stage is completed the button to view my rewards doesn't show up now, and I can't find a way out of the ending screen. Should I reset and see if that works?

Edit: Resetting didn't fix it

I hate to be nosey, but is there any work being done on some new video sections? The cock rings were nice and the stickers were very nice, so I'm excited to see where this goes!

maybe a bondage section or something, to go along with that one sticker?~

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To be completely honest, I wish there was an option to turn off the fashionistas, or at least hide them. Having them sit in the corner of the screen and react to the videos feels like I'm being watched over my shoulder, and it makes me fairly uncomfortable.

At the very least, some way to pick and choose which fashionistas to have would be nice. Other than that though, the game is coming along very nicely!

Oh, and perhaps a mobile port eventually would be good too


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Those gallery images are hot, excited for the next update~

oh, how do you do that?

oooooh, can't wait to see what fashionistas and bonus levels have in store👀

what the fuck it turned sideways

can't wait for the day i get my own computer so i can buy this

rollerdisco rumble i'm coming for you >:)

I always loved the concept of games that can actually affect your files or corrupt itself, but was too afraid to try in the fear that it would corrupt the rest of my device.

Thank you to the pico 8 community for making corrupters so I can finally get all the wanton destruction i want :)

This feels like a combination of Pizza Tower and Rayman, with an extra gallon of color added in. Love it!

ah, thanks!

Where it says "click on the digit 3 to enable undo for all moves", what exactly does that mean? I've tried pressing the 3 key but it does nothing but make the background a bit lighter. I thought that would mean undo for all moves is enabled, but when I tried to undo, it didn't go back any farther than if it were just regular undos. Please help, I'm kind of clueless here.

also i hope eventually you'll make it so the characters have different expressions depending on how close you are to defeating them (naked, hard, etc)

hmmm, can't wait to maybe see a certain alien from another one of your games... 👀

Okay now it's open!

No, it never opened up for some reason, even after beating Timmy.

hey, there's three missing characters in the gallery still even after playing the whole game.

they're the second, third, and fifth in the top row, first screen of the gallery.

I don't know if those are just a glitch and they never actually got added, or if it just isn't letting me go to the last few stages of the game, but either way i don't remember seeing them and they aren't discovered yet.

Just letting ya know! Great game btw (King Ector and Bern my beloved, i swear i could fit my whole head in their belly buttons<3)

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oh my god this is amazing

AND you got routt for the soundtrack? godly

this is the highest honor i can give you as someone who's nonbinary:

this game is very gender

keep it up!

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'comfy earthy demon'

mental state? garbage with a capital garbage. absolutely atrocious. -100 out of ten. clothes? stylish and cozy

judge's comment: 4.5 out of 5, they've become too powerful

my lil peanut brain didn't process that i was downloading the raw game data instead of the game itself


...i uhhh

kinda have a question about bitsy

how the heck do you actually get it to go from a .bitsy file to a .html?

i've finished my first bitsy game and i wanna upload it but itch doesn't recognize .bitsy files

i tried just changing the file name's ending from .bitsy to .html (stupid,  know, but it was worth a shot) but that made it just pull up the raw game data and nothing more

i figure you know how to do this easily by now and i can't use discord so i'm going to you for help

i just got into bitsy stuff so seeing a 3d thing is just

the amount of satisfaction when you get a perfect fit is just absolutely palpable

this feels like it's singling me out, yanking my hair, shouting at me. it feels harsh. it feels like a thousand years of time going by in a second, stomach bubbling up and out of the throat. the sun dies out, the moon falls apart, every stitch in the seam ripped out in a fury.

but also, it feels like... i just finished doing all of that myself. it feels like i'm screaming at the people i love, tears pooling on the carpet as i grasp at the couch cushions in frustration.

like i've torn my own heart out and yelled in desperation to try and stop myself.


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Dye Guy my beloved



usually with my synesthesia, it only makes me associate things with a taste as well as the main sense something would stimulate for anyone else (i.e. songs have a sound and a taste for me, other people only hear a sound)

only two things have stimulated all of my senses at once like this:

the love of my life, my boyfriend

and this game. thank you for this. i feel alive again. i can hear the faint music from the boardwalk and feel the warm water splashing against my legs. the sun, the sand. the taste of saltwater taffy - birthday cake flavored.

it all feels so wonderful

thank you for listening without having to hear a word. for speaking volumes with no mouth.

thank you.

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aaaaaaaa i haven't even played yet and im already just

paul <3

update: first interaction with paul and i just sat there for like five minutes whisper-yelling aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love him so much

also thank you for asking for pronouns at the start :)

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Absolutely wonderful game, if i could play this all day without worry of missing classes, i would gladly do so. graphics-wise, it's very charming and would make a great mobile game. honestly, you probably could get away with not having ads, just for that little extra encouragement to keep playing. just have an option to donate a couple dollars, maybe put it in the main menu. ten outta ten, adorable, great job :)

oh, btw, you're the first game i've ever rated on here, and you get five stars

hhhhh why would you not have this on the pico 8 bbs this is AWESOME

i have a pico 8 player on my phone that allows for saving game data, so why not add a save feature? plus, if you were to put this on the bbs, you'd probably get more recognition! i've seen a fair few sequencers in pico 8, but DEFINITELY not at this level. Great work!