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Yea i dont like it either but you can just spam left mouse button somewhere else

Well, everything is allowed but you will probably just get less points you can even use all buttons but points will go down probably

does left and right mouse button counts even tho i will use it for many functions ?  (im talkin bout the constrain

my fav character is skeleton bcos you can camp and shoot :D 

I hope I'll be using unity 

Oh looks the game is harder than i expected because i completed it in 30seconds :D Btw cool video :) 

I don't really understand the theme because I'm from Czech Republic and i don't wanna believe Google Translate could you please say what means Bystander please ? :)
Thank you in advance!

Yea but its their problem they havent announced thme yet they should have atleast one co owner or admins that are responsibble for that :/ Technically we can do whatever we want also if the owner doesnt have time then why did he chose this time :D

Im working on updates so soon ! :D

Oh, ok 

Thank you :) I dont know but everyone at school tell me when we work in groups "But you are Milan, you are able to do everything, how can we do that you do ?!" :D

Cool Game! First when i didnt read the text on image so i dind't knew how to shoot :D Also I dont know if it bug or you made it but I can't shoot through the portal on the floor ..

I liek it :3

Thank you so much <3


Thank you! I'm trying to fix everything and if you mean player control then it has to be like that :)