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Hey JNI . i have a question. will you ever do giveaways as you originally told us when you first publicized this game. if so can you let the community as soon as possible

ps: can i get one?

thanks for your time

for the first day f the release can the game be free

Please unlock some weapon attachments in the demo, by the way you can't crouch in the demo

duel wielding. by pressing something like the O key the two weapons you hold go to each  hand and when you right click the weapon in you right hand shoot or stabs ect and if you left click you left hand weapon shoots to disengage and go back to normal press O again

can you make Gauntlets. Like making your fist attacks stronger Eg: knuckle dusters, or fire guantlets

the lock symbols on the demo to show the unavailable units are gone

You added custom units to the demo. yet we can't use them in custom battle

i was enjoying the demo until I re-downloaded it. now there is so much lag, and I can't shrink the screen on the starting menu ( example 150x200)

add more custom battle option like infinite ammo, and pls make bouncing bullets. also what happened to the days when if you don't have an item you could just punch

I need giveaways *makes evil weird face*

plz do giveaways like you posted on the "make it free" thread. and make it visable for any looking for a giveaway

for some reason i can ride dead animals