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Love these games! Treat and Mochi and Moxie are all so awesome and as always I cant wait to see where the story goes next!! Thank you for all your hard work as always!!

A super cute and fun visual novel! Watching it grow from the demo to the final project made me really happy  I backed it. If you like cosplay, virtual idols, lolita fashion, and other weeb stuff I recommend it 100%.

Played the Demo, and am now happy to say I get to enjoy the full game! I love all the new additions so far and my favorite character is the Drakemaster! If your looking for something silly and lighthearted I full recommend it.

 Thank you for making such a cute and awesome game!

I really enjoyed this demo, it's both adorable and fun. I hope someday I'll get to play the full version. the step by step tutorials are super helpful.

<3 <3 <3 Thank you for all your hard work

  • smooth Animation
  • cute characters
  • color and sleek appearance

10/10 can't wait to play the finished game!!

The demo is about an hour if your a slow reader like me.

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I love these characters so much, enjoying the game so far! Thank you for contiuning this lovely series!

Keep up the hard work! Your games are always so cute and fun to play!

I look forward to more awesome games, keep up the hard work & may you get many donation!

Keep up the good work! The art is very cute as always, and I was really excited to learn more about the other characters.

The game has a slow start but is really fun & enjoyable. The art style is very unique, & there are tons of cool references for video game fans. I look forward to your future work. :)

The game is super cute, I really had a lot of fun playing it. The style is super cute & the characters are really adorable. I'm really excited to see your future projects! Keep up the good work!