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Fun and novel concept, hard but great game!

Cool game and very unique atmosphere!

Very creative, nice sprite work!

Creative, interesting and fun to play. Very impressive that you got so much feeling and expression out of a 1-bit palette!

Nice one! Is this using the standard PICO-8 palette?! Looks so interesting.

Very interesting game and I was in awe of the amount of polish - screen transitions, sliding past block corners, the stats & timer that moves when you overlap them. Also impressive amount of different gameplay variations with the different zoom levels and static/tracked camera. Funny banter with the narrator as well. Can't imagine how much time all that must have taken!

I had to stop at the first storm level because the lighting effect was too intense. You should put up an epilepsy warning up!

Lovely visuals and I also want to highlight the excellent writing! You have a real talent for it! I totally got into the world and characters. I was also very impressed with the central "hub world" screen which tied things together nicely.

I would have preferred things to spatially fit together because I did keep getting lost. 😅

The controls are certainly unique. In the end it somehow helped to imagine that my character was like a car, since you have to press "the gas" to go forward. 🚗 The minigame was really creative and fun, truly! It was very challengingand since I kinda felt like I was losing the whole time it would have boosted my spirit to see a "health bar" to know that I was gonna make it or not,.

Again I want to give props to the writing and overall concept, nice work!

Very good explanation, thank you!

This is one of the most creative submissions I've seen in this jam! It takes cues from games like Papers, Please but puts its own spin on it with a very interesting and mysterious story. It also felt truly educational because after playing this I feel like I know the greek alphabet much better, lol!

Really creative and fun!

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I loved everything about this submission! The sharp art, the story that made me smile on every level, the creative take on the optional theme.. Even the fact that you submitted this with just 6 minutes and 19 seconds to go before the deadline!

I got through it as a square but went back for the round experience. What a wonderful entry!

Fun and polished game that gets hard as nails at times! Great character animations and flow in the movement. Left me wanting more!

Thank you so much for the review! 🙇🏻 If you liked these themes, do check out the games SOMA and SUPERHOT!

Really cool and original concept. A bit challenging at first and the fourth level kicked my butt but it was really rewarding to keep going. Groovy music as well!

Really cool concept, haven't seen anything like this before!

Beautiful game, well done by the whole team!


It's a bit confusing - you have to walk to the "library" bookshelf, spend some "minutes" on the book you picked up and then press the (not so easy to find) "train" button that looks like a book. Then you will be able to use the spell.

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Even though it's short this game had a lot of interesting ideas. It reminds me of a bullet hell shooter but since you can see the bullets before they arrive it almost becomes like a puzzle game - you have to anticipate the emerging pattern. Great fusion of concepts, would love to see more of this!

I really liked the visuals and the size and variety of the environments. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game because I got really lost in the city and then at some point I fell throught the ground and had to restart. Would have been great with some visual guides around where to go.

This was really well made! The art was pretty and the variety was insane for a short jam! So cool that the story got concluded too!

This game had a really interesting backstory and the amount of art drawn is very impressive for the time period. Well written and pretty!

PS. I had some trouble finishing the game because I couldn't pick up the bow(?) from the "He comes" room. It highlighted "e" but I wasn't able to pick it up.

Very creative narration that I haven't seen in a game before and nice pixel art, especially some of the monsters!

Amazing game, art & execution!

Absolutely stunning art and atmosphere!

Had so much fun with this one! Beautiful sprite work and a lot of novelty in the pattern design that I haven't seen before!

Beautiful graphics & cool dithering effect on the helicopter beam!

Very unique execution and great ambient soundtrack!

Very nicely executed game! I love that you can splatter the mosquito enemies by luring them to the spikes. 😄

The art in this game is so pretty! Especially the main character! Absolutely adorable. The pixel art is beautiful & dialogue is very well written. Would love to play more!


Great shooter but things are moving a bit fast! 😅

Cool game idea!

Really cute game and loved the ability to crouch and sneak.

The game was a bit too hard for me, it took me a long time to get past the first two obstacles and then I couldn't get past the laser. It would be good to have a checkpoint after every obstacle, because I spent 10 minutes and didn't even get past the first two obstacles...

Very cute game with good controls, cute art and an interesting game mechanic!

The game was pretty dark on my monitor, it was hard to see what is going on sometimes, especially with the black spikes!

Exquisite art with lots of details! Reminds me a lot of Rogue Legacy, but 1-bit. Very smooth gameplay and nice physics.

I had some issues with the controls since I don't have dedicated arrow keys, would be great to be able to use IJKL as alternative to arrow keys.

Very cool graphics and great driving physics! There's also AI drivers, wow!

Cool and fun game! I couldn't beat it but managed to make it it to 13.9 seconds. 🙈

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Really fun game with so much character! Unfortunately I couldn't play past the first couple of levels since my keyboard does not have dedicated arrow keys, so I can't control the right arm. Would be really great if the IJKL keys worked for the right hand as an alternative!