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Starlit Ocean

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Couldn't play it, was too laggy for me. I don't have a beast computer but I do have NVIDIA with an i7 core and it still overloaded my CPU. Consider removing unused assets and maybe adding a lower resolution or something please. Was looking forward to this.

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This is impressive. I would say that it does need some work, maybe change some things around but, it is turning out to be a really cool game. Keep it up guys, I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store. Good luck and stay safe :)

Oh and also, I LOVE the piano song you guys have at the end of the demo, very nice!

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In the many attempts to play this game, I couldn't. I saw so many post the game running flawlessly but for some reason, once I get to the porch, my mouse starts "Flying blind" meaning, the camera won't move. I am still able to see my cursor hovering over other apps on my screen but it disappears once I hover over the game window, as if it would react but it doesn't. I am running the latest Windows, which would be the only reason I can think of that would cause this sort of malfunction. Please, let me know what's going on so I could finally get a chance and play the final version of this game. Thank you

I really got into this but I am sad about how short it is. The aura to it was really dark and spooky. The dialogue sounded realistic and not monotone like most I've played. The only thing I had a problem with was the shadows were a bit too dark for me and how the character repeats the same thing exactly the same way, like when you pick up the note or enter the code. I'd suggest having a variation of quotes he'll say every time you pick those objects up. However, It was really good and thank you for this :) Also, I'm not a youtuber but would love to play the entire game. If possible, is there a way I could download the full version?? Please, let me know. Keep it up guys and I wish you all the best!! Cheers!!

Very cool game. At first glance, I thought it was going to be a let down like most I've played on here. Then I saw you had a play by Markiplier, which is what gave me a bit of confidence to try it out. (Note: Not ALL games he plays are good in my opinion...) Tried it, and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked how you guys added features mainly utilized in commercial games, such as, the breathing intensifies when the monster is close. Can't wait to play more of your games. Thank you for this and I wish you all the best :) Cheers!

This game needs a lot of work, to be honest. It has the premise of a good horror game but I found it to be more goofy than anything. Some events were triggered out of sight, some NPC's only repeat actions or the sound is replayed after the event has been triggered, also some sounds are too harsh while others are too soft. As well, the intro is a bit too long in my opinion and laggy. I'm sure with some more time invested, this game could be really cool. Keep it up though!! Good luck to you guys.

So, This one was predictable but still scared me pretty good ha. Good work!

It's too pixelated, I had a hard time reading what the Ouija Board input. Also, I wasn't able to turn on my flashlight and when I went to soothe the baby crying, I got stuck in front of the crib and was basically a sitting duck. This happened twice before I gave up. Hopefully these things get fixed before official release because it does look like a cool game to play.