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AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH! I want to finish it as a full game, but I did chop it up into a simple demo, but I'm so happy and touched that you felt connected to her and were able to enjoy the demo!!!! <3

I found this game really interesting, the spooky forest and scenery were quite creepy, I kind of wanted more  in a sense of a story, I understood the umbilical cord and the imagery with that, but after a while I found the little embryo my friend and less of an enemy. Great graphics though, the sound bits were also pretty nice too <3 

Oh trust me my good friend I did use the gamejolt link first and then tried the browser version on the page, I'm just a fool, trust me XD

Ngl I felt like this game was punishing me for existing.
The graphics were very sexy, I got a finger cramp and ran around screaming a lot, a similar visual to that of a chicken with its head cut off. I gave it my college best and then my big galaxy brain best and when those did not work I gave it my caveman best, I could not beat this game, I do not know how to win, I think whoever programmed this genuinely dislikes me and I have accepted a glorious defeat.
Music was cute and fun, I had no clue where the plot was going, but it did remind me of those super old cheesy arcade game plots, and I could not use the chat or interacting with the townsfolk function at all. But man did I enjoy being able to change my color and set myself on fire and bounce around the place like a pinball <3

I really loved the setting, the pixels and the art were very nice, the person in the tree was one of the more spookier portions to this small game. The text on the speech windows kind of went by too fast, I would of loved it if the speed was slowed down, there was a few glitches wit the log clipping into the speech bubble too, but besides that it played pretty nicely, until the end when the mc is trapped in a dark square. I thought I was going to have to outrun the Forest Lord, I think that would of made it more spooky, but besides that the pixel art near the end tied in some truly spooky vibes and I genuinely had a fun time playing it<3

Alrighty, so first off the background and sprites were made so beautifully and the music was also amazing. I think that the music measures pausing and switching would of been better when Death shows up just to drive in the fact that Death was there in the setting. I feel like Death should not of been introduced in as he was mainly because suicide is something no one is to blame for and his involvement feels more so put in as an eerie factor. I do love the way the era feels in with the speech and the tone, again the style is on point for that art deco period. It kind of made me feel like I was reading a nice short story that could fluctuate about a man ridden with guilt or one with no care for anyone else, the limbo ending was my favorite, nicely done <3

Not going to lie, I screamed when this little ramen bastard stared me down and sprinted at me, its such a simple and cute game that I would of loved to see more in the horror element, besides that I adore the concept and would love to see a level by level system <3

Good luck y'all! Can't wait to play some games!

aaaAAAAH! I'm glad it spooked you! And thank you so much!!!

Yeah I'm not so great with adding in gameplay effects, although I want to do that when I work on the full game, but thanks! <3

Honestly this would of been something I would of loved to play on my gameboy growing up, its simple and really nice to look at aesthetically, the eerie sound bits were a really fun additional touch too. It almost really reminds me of games like Galaga where your clearing levels or going through a maze, the Returners really got me though, those suckers are FAST! <3

First of the visuals and the drippy noises were very good, I enjoyed playing the character and having the flashlight, it added a good effect to the playing field, especially with the opened doorframe kitchen being dark in the background and transitioning into it.

I will say that I had an issue with the controls when going up and down the stairs, it did not work 100% of the time, but besides that, overall very spooky.

I really enjoyed the narrative and the simple visuals with that ongoing tone that played throughout the game. I also really enjoyed the visual factor with the way the scenery changes after the doctor visit, I think that added a nice touch <3

Thanks for catching the typo, I'll go back and fix that, thank you so much! <3

Alright so, it was not a zip file, it was a folder with the other files inside of it, I just compressed it into a zip file and uploaded it, so it turned out alright :)

So the original game file does work outside of tyranobuilder on my laptop just fine,  I was uploading the file through the zip and selecting the game's .exe file to upload. I'll try testing that tonight, and get back if that works, thank you.

Alright, so I have an issue with getting the game I made on Tyranobuilder to work properly on my page. The issue is that when trying to launch the game file after downloading it off of the page it will not load or play. The original files on my own copies will play, but when downloaded off of they will not.

 I would like to resolve this and am open to a lot of suggestions or guidance right now, I'm keeping the game file up, its for Cosmic Connections the file is staying up just in case someone else has had this issue and can help.