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You have to press a key.

Hi. This is an old demo and it has many flaws. There is a way to progress but it will take some trial and error. Try to search for hints on Youtube. Cheers!!

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We hope so <3

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@Heloris :) There's a bunch of them.



Open-world is on our list of planned features.


Sorry the late reply! Are you still experiencing these problems?

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Hi caminarelmundo. I regret to hear that your experience with RE77 was not pleasant. Might I say that the default settings are actually what I would recommend for most computers and that it's still in the testing phase. Your volume/brightness settings in Windows might be contributing to the unpleasantness. May I ask what your gaming rig consists of? Did you pick up the flashlight? So far, no one complained of lag. Please let me know. :)

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Hi, Computer Potato. Thanks for trying out my game. No, there is no ending. It's just a placeholder for future content.

Hi there! Thanks for trying out my game! I will keep your suggestions in mind! It must be a mistake, because there is nothing from Villar Village in my game(first and foremost, there's no music in it yet xD)

Have a nice day!