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I've seen an improvement in my figure drawing and the drawing tips are really handy! Thanks :)

Wicked mate! Well Done! Sweet concepts as well :3

Sorry is there anyway to get a refund?

Ah just checked, I have a 1050ti. Don't worry 😉 

Love all your other plugins 😁

and also

After Effects error: invalid filter

(25 :: 3 )

I receive After Effects error: plug-in "B-Carve.aex" could not be loaded (126).

( 48:: 46 ) (OS: Windows 10) (AE 2020 & 2015)

Here's a cool level I crafted with Bloed. Enjoying it so far, bit fiddly but I have persistence and I'm a fast learner.

Do you know if it works with Clip Studio Paint? it's the main tool I use at the moment.

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It's a nice pack, Have always wanted to attempt to make a VN game or more interactive like an encounter game like CoC. Orc Daddies or something similar.

This pack has everything you need for comics and animations to make areas look habitable and lived in. Well Done! 

Really nice, might have been drawn in Paint Tool Sai.

Dude... this has more variety than the kitbash packs!

Used a couple of your models to trace over for animation here :

Helped me alot, export selected object as .fbx in Blender. Then import into Zbrush and they're really useful to practice sculpting.