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Thanks for playing and leaving a comment -- glad that you had fun!

To get Perry to confess to Brooks, you should try to avoid choices that make the night more like "broing down with my bro" (so skip the tequila).
It isn't required to have specific foods, but they do help. Try serving him a starter that uses maple syrup.

Thank you for playing our game! There is a .txt file included in the .zip with a list of all the music in the game. Alternatively, each song is also linked in the "Extras" screen (accessible from the main menu).

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! Glad you liked it.

There aren't any proper romantic routes in the game, but you're free to interpret the endings however you like as they're pretty open.

Thanks for playing the game!

We’re currently working on a game that’s set in the same world, but not focused on these two characters. Hopefully we’ll be able to return to them in the future.

It’s totally fine if you want to write fanfic! We’re so happy that you like the game so much!

Thank you for playing and for sharing your thoughts! Happy to hear that you liked the game and the characters!

Thank you for playing and leaving a comment. Glad that you enjoyed the art + jokes, and congratulations on getting the romantic ending with Lily!

Thanks for playing, glad that you liked it!

Thank you, glad that you liked it so much! Unfortunately, this demo is the only part of the game available at the moment, and we appreciate your patience while we work on the full game.

Thanks very much, happy to hear that you've had fun playing (& replaying) it! We hope that our future games will meet your expectations!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for playing! We're so happy that you found the MC relatable and liked the characters.
We do/will have some parody fandom names in the game -- we'll probably sneak more in the full version, since we find them funny as well.
And thanks for your interest!! While we are considering releasing on Steam as well, we can't confirm for sure at this point in time.

Thanks so much, glad to hear that you liked the demo!

1. The least spoiler-y answer I can give: At the time of Umi asking that question, Mimi is not aware that she is attracted to girls.

2. Yes, the beach is where it will split off into individual routes in the full version. They are not always romantic.

3. All but two of the choices you make in the demo/common route adds points to the personality it aligns to, and you can get a glimpse of which personality Mimi is leaning towards through some of her InstaBook posts, and a few lines here and there.
Mimi's personality will be set by the end of the common route, and will affect the lines she says when a choice is not given to the player, as well as how she posts on InstaBook.
You won't be locked out of any routes or endings, but certain personalities may make things easier or harder depending on what ending you're trying to get!

4. We do technically have a tumblr (stardust-soda) but we haven't updated it in two years haha...

5. We don't have any plans to release pre-orders for the game, currently.

We have set up a survey for players here!
All responses are appreciated, and will help us in improving the full product. It's also an anonymous survey, just in case you're a bit shy.

Alternatively, please feel free to leave your comments below, or make a thread of your own -- whatever works for you!

Thanks so much, glad to hear that you liked the game!

Thanks so much for playing and for leaving a comment! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately we can't post the full walkthrough as it's a reward on our Patreon, but I'll try to give some hints:
- To befriend Lily, just be really honest (like to the point where it's kind of embarrassing), and encourage her to try new things.
- To date Lily, don't overshare, but don't tell any lies either. Just try and gloss over the truth. Try and show interest in the things she likes.
- To date Brooks, you'll have to be more vulnerable with your feelings. Try and pick options that are more romantic over friendly options, and avoid drinking too much. He likes maple syrup.

Thanks so much! Happy to hear that you're having fun replaying it!

Thank you! We wanted the characters to feel real/relatable even if most of the game is pretty ridiculous, so it's great to hear that you liked it!

Sorry to hear that you've friendzoned yourself, but glad that you seem to have enjoyed the game, haha.
(And that's interesting to know! Unfortunately, I think Perry lacks the skills to make anything complicated lmao.)

Recipe hints will unlock after your first playthrough!

Thank you, hope you enjoy playing it!
You'll end up having dinner with Brooks if you choose not to serve the dishes you've made to Lily.

Thanks very much for your support! We really appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much, happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!
Regarding the capital letters, it's actually not capitalised in the script, but in the choice menus/UI font, certain letters with descenders are bumped up so that the bottom of the letter rests on the baseline. (So you can see this with q's  or g's, as well). There's no specific meaning -- it's just how the font was made by the designer haha.
The story is meant to be a little vague and open to interpretation, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for playing and for sharing your thoughts, we're pleased to hear that you both liked the game. Hope you've been able to find all the endings!

Hi there, happy to hear that you're enjoying the game! The ending that I think you're getting (the first one in the extras menu?) is the ending that you get when you act too suspiciously. You can avoid it by revealing more information about yourself when given the option to, and refraining from asking too many questions early on. Try not to contradict yourself as well -- for example, if you said you had a brother before, don't mention a sister later on, etc.

Thanks for playing! Happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

Thanks very much for playing our game! We worked hard to make sure each route had different secrets but still felt satisfying, so we're happy to hear that you took your time finding all the endings.

Thanks for playing, and sharing your thoughts! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Thank you!

No worries at all, glad to hear you managed to get that ending. Thanks for your lovely comments, and hope you have fun playing through our other games as well!

If you're getting ED2 instead, it's because you're not choosing enough "trust" options -- other than the ones listed, there are still some other choices that build up the player's trust in Brandon, but don't necessarily raise Brandon's friendship.
A few more hints to build trust:
- On September 29, say that you just had to suck it up when he asks if it was difficult adjusting to changing schools.
- On October 6, say that it depends on your parents when he asks whether you'd like to study abroad or not.
- In general, you should respond positively when he wants to meet up.
Some hints to lower friendship:
- On October 11, tell Brandon he should use the new photo he took as his profile picture, and then change your mind and tell him not to.
- On October 15, be blunt when you tell Brandon to change the way he dresses (don't choose the option that starts with "it's not ideal but...")
- Also, if you don't already enough friendliness with Brandon, options that are meant to be jokes might be taken the wrong way, like saying "fuck you", or calling him "desperate for e-creds". If you already have a certain amount of friendliness, though, these options will increase it.

Thanks Shelley lmao

Thanks! ED3 happens when the player character demonstrates more trust in Brandon, but comes off as mean or unfriendly otherwise. So you should follow the tips to achieve ED3/4 (the hints we've shared in the comments below, but I'll copy & paste them here) but aside from these, you shouldn't be too friendly to Brandon.

- On September 23, say that you're sorry to hear about classmates making fun of him.
- On September 29, say that while it's not the same situation, you changed schools recently.
- On October 6, say that you know what he means, instead of just saying "that's rough".
- On October 11, say that you should finally make an account.
- On October 15, say that your friends don't know the real you.
- On October 25, say that it makes sense to have doubt.
- On November 14, say that there's a reason for it, and it's that you got too nervous.

Thanks very much for playing our game and sharing your thoughts! We're really glad you were able to relate to the characters.

The wtf/diu choice doesn't really make a difference -- it's just there since "diu" might be something the player character would say, but players not from Hong Kong might not know what it means, so the "wtf" option is there to make things clearer.

(We're both permanent residents of HK, but unfortunately we're based in New York and California at the moment. It'd definitely be cool to get more involved with the HK game dev community if we were ever back in town, though!)

Thanks so much for playing and leaving a comment!

Thank you for playing our game! Happy to hear that the story resonated with you.

A hint for each ending: ending 1 happens if you act too suspiciously, ending 2 happens if you don't display enough trust in Brandon, ending 3 happens if you display trust in Brandon but aren't friendly enough, and ending 4 happens if you display trust in Brandon and are encouraging and friendly towards him.

(Your English is perfectly fine -- no apology needed!)