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and done

Oh NO! Damn. Thank you, I’ll fix that right away!

Danke sir. 😁

Took me 3 days but I finally beat it. And I mean 3 days from sun up to sunset.

Even as a demo, this experience is more fun, satisfying and thrilling than Ikaruga or Radiant Silvergun.

This really could have been something great had you kept developing it.

The strict adherence to a minimal mindset keeps the game and its mechanics tight allowing you to focus on creating a truly satisfying experience rather than complex upgrades and weapon systems.

It’s really about mastering a simple set of skills. Simple, but far from easy. This feels like a love letter to the SHMUPs of old, back when they were limited in what they could do because of the hardware.

The design both mechanically and aesthetically shows a real love and understanding of what makes a SHMUP great.

is the copy in /splore the full game?

Bruh why haven’t you uploaded in like 4 years. You were so good at this stuff. Did you die?

Publish more project this was cool.

This is the most fun thing you’ve published. (Not counting Poom) daggers was cool too. But this is awesome.

Got anything like this in the works? Or maybe more content for this like a new enemy type or improved enemy ai?

It’s been 1 year. Are there any more updates coming or did you sadly pass away in a tragic accident?

Pico-8 only has two buttons. X and O.

Thanks that clears up a lot. Appreciate it.

Did you ever get around to making that manual? Cause I’m still confused on some items. Like what does a bell-heart do?

Aww man if this could somehow run on like a gameboy advance I’d love to sneak it onto my friends Anbernic… XD

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Thank you kindly. =)

I’m running MinUI’s Pico-8 on an Anbernic RG35xx.

Dispatch is a real hidden gem. You managed to balance eerie atmosphere with perfectly executed moments of urgency, while compelling me to solve puzzles and achieve an objective, with only text and two buttons.

You should be very proud of this. It may seem small but those are huge achievements. Most games that try fall wildly short.


How do I buy the cart.p8 for my handheld?

Much appreciated but the emulator will only run .p8 which you get from the pico-8 carts folder after saving.

Punch a zombie.

lol I like the part about the banana!

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Ignore the people complaining. You are talented. The game is brilliant. The movement is perfect. The challenges are fun. The unique mechanics are fun. The cheeky humor is fun. The art is absolutely perfect for pico8. More pico-8 games should be like this.

Why are you not making a bunch of these? You should. Charge $5. You are really good.

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Search for it in pico 8 splore. Run the cart. Esc back to splore. Esc to command Type ‘save getout’ Close pico 8. Hit windows+r type %AppData% hit run. Go into the pico8 folder. Go into carts folder. Viola you have your .p8 file for you handheld.

/s It’s only a 9 step process. You got this.

If it’s not too much trouble, could we get a .p8 please? For those of us with handhelds that don’t have wifi. Thank you.

If it’s not too much trouble would it be possible to get a .p8 for those of us who have a handheld that doesn’t have wifi? Please and thank you. =)

Could we please, if it’s not too much trouble, get a .p8 for us with handhelds that don’t have wifi capabilities? Thank you =)

Don’t have wifi on my Anbernic RG35XX. So I have to install my .p8 manually

Any idea when this is gonna be? Just built a new DMG and I wanna play!

You make all these cool games, and the look like they are designed for the Gameboy, but you don’t spit out a .gb or .gbc or .pocket so I can play em on my gameboys! 🙏Please, make my year.

Gotta hurry, I’m running out of cash buying holiday gifts!

I’d like to play it on my DMG instead of in the browser. Could you add a .gb to the download?

hurry up! I’ma run outta money buyin holiday gifts.

I’m having some graphical errors where screenside doors aren’t showing up. I only noticed after I got stuck and looked up some gameplay footage and saw that you can clearly see a light cast by screenside doorways. Yeah that just doesn’t show up on my DMG for some reason.

When can I buy the rom?

Looking forward to it.

Any chance there might be a second release of the physical cart?

Would this run on a Gameboy DMG?

In my search for such a tool I have come across this! Which is nearly exactly what I was hoping for. It would be nice to be able to style it, but darn it’s handy.

This is such a great resource and I use it all the time!

However, you know what else would be super useful? A tool like this that could generate a single story, 3x3 grid of 9x9tile geomorph maps in different styles; Cave, Castle, City, and different complexities; minimal, simple, complex, in your OPD art style.

The ability to generate clever clutter and debris would really be top notch!

Here’s a great resource on Geomorphs that you’ve probably already seen, but just in case… Dyson Logos Geomorphs

You beat me to it!

Good stuff man.