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Sorry Missed that comment. It is available for  Windows, you need to extract files for the .7z folder with winzip.

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Not moving and shooting is a very good mechanic, I was surprised how much it added to the game. However I only really enjoy it when it is a one on one with a gun zombie. Otherwise you just have to kite the same as normal shooters just stopping in between.

Speaking of which, the moving faster diagonally kind of messes with the game as you have to always run into the corners to get any space between you and opponents.

I am not saying this because I think it is a bad game I just want to give honest feedback for you to think about if you take this further.

I would recommend.

No, that lag is not meant to be there,

I don't have any idea of other mechanics to add, do you have any thoughts?

You can MOVE the gun?!?! Okay now I can get through the second level.

I like the concept. and I enjoyed it.

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Thank you for the download and the comment, 

I was not sure what else I could add as new mechanics. Most of all without disturbing the graphical style.

That is a lot of content and potential.

It's a frustrating game which I wasn't in the mood for when I tried it out but I think i would have really got into it most other times. I also tried it on a track pad which was probably not the fairest test for you but I can see it is a good game all the same.

It was a little disappointing to see that the liquids didn't spill out when the level moved. I thought that other objects moving at the same time would be a big mechanic.

I would recommend and check out any future updates.

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Creepy stuff.

Rouge likes are not really my thing but I can see people really enjoying this game.

Would recommend.

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Very fun idea and I did enjoy playing. 

I found it quite hard to actually get two opponents to hit each other so I ended up running around aimlessly and hoping for the best.

I think if you added a sprint, cover, explosive barrels  and had enemies able to fire at angles the player would have more control about which enemy to kill off. But just a suggestion.

The art work is nice and I liked the increase in difficulty.

I would recommend.

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The first thing I thought was that the menu was really pretty, but I didn't know how to use it and I keep getting stuck on a screen without anyway out and having to restart the whole program several times just to get into play. Then I got stuck where my only option was to discard items.

Beyond my trouble using it, it was fun to try and get through without fighting. It makes every level has a sense of danger rather than steam rolling opponents.

Overall a game with a lot of potential,

Impressive how much was there in 48 hours.


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This is a great game. A lot of content, and I like the idea.

I think this has a lot of potential as a mini rpg with different people in your life.

Needs a bit more of a tutorial for polish.

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Fun concept, I can really see the potential to expand in future levels, with new noises you make and ways to hide them.

Very good atmosphere and graphics fit with the style of the game nicely.

The aesthetics on the menu are done very well.

It's unfair to make this comment on a 48 hour project but the first thing that came into my head was the restarting after you die is waaay too long for a beginner who fails all the time.  I't's not really my type of game so I can't get through more than a few steps making the fail screen super frustrating. I think even a ridiculously hard game needs a little newbie level so it is hard not punishing.

I would have said 4.5 stars but that is not an option so I will be generous.

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That is a pleasant tune.

It is pretty hard and it has the old school read of the manual NES style at the start. Also took me back to struggling with left and right.

Tough but enjoyable.

<ps, you can also play it at work without people noticing>

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If it could be a shader issue it is. The game uses shaders very heavily.

This is one of two games I made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2018 game jam, the other was

This is one of two games I made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2018 game jam, the other was

I have no answer to that.

Thank you for playing. Giving the player ladders would be great!!! Good call, but it may have been a bit hard to get it to snap to the wall correctly.

Thank you for playing, You are right I wanted to add a sprint but that made some problems so I left it out. I should have put the speed up.

Hi, thanks for downloading sorry for the problems.
What system are you using? And have you unzipped the folder?