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Thanks. They are low effort models


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Smooth movement and pace. Colliders seems to be little bit oversized, also i found spot where nothing can hit me. So in scope of jam its quite brilliant entry :)) low effort but enjoyable :))))

Thats... interesting... little bit fast for me and UI feels little unresponsible but so far most original jam entry i played

Me and my eggtamari :)) funny game :) but mouse sensitivity is too high for me tho... but great idea :)

Obviously low effort game! Well done sir, i enjoyed it a lot! :)

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im still working on it so maybe there will be more before deadline. But i will keep eye on next issues. Thanks for reply

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I made game for Ludum Dare worth expanding. Current state of game is that it was made in quite hurry and its very short but expandable (i already made some patch and planning to make another, add some content etc)

Can i submit it? Im thinking about some kind of "early alpha stage" with this submission, something like "well its not yet ready but i will still working on it"

i see... i wasnt facing direction. Its by design? Because game didnt told me so i was confused why i cant shot.

nice entry. My suggestion for next time: make it simplier. It can be very confusing untill you get to it. But presentation is very good

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One of the best submissions here. This deserve more attention. Its super smooth, idea is great and execution is flawless. Good job! 

Improvement suggestion: from UX perspective it would be great if there is some label which says "Press Space to change color" or something like that. First time i played it, i didnt read description and i was wondering whats going on here. But if you put one time text (which can fadeout after first color change so its not too much invasive), it could clear a lot of confusion for first time plays and since this mechanic is so simple (love it! love simple ideas), player will imidiatelly understand how it plays

Very good! Nice theme, gameplay is smooth, very enjoyable. But i have one question: is there any reload time? Because i couldnt shoot for some duration or in some situations. So is this by design or i have some input problems?

Very good! Nice theme, gameplay is smooth, very enjoyable. But i have one question: is there any reload time? Because i couldnt shoot for some duration or in some situations. So is this by design or i have some input problems?

i did. It looks interesting :) im looking forward to play it

game wont start for me (html version) :( i want to play it so much but it didnt start :( firefox says that files are corrupted, chrome and opera says "Loading" and Edge started but its not reacting to any input and scaling is broken :( i will try it again later but can you check if everything is in place?

after you publish your game there is no way anybody can determine if you updated your game. And if your game is webgl, nobody can tell the difference. I think that bugfixing and post release content is ok. Goal was to create game in some short period. Finishing core game and publishing it before deadline is goal. Tell me one reason why i couldnt fix bug which somebody found after release. It happened to me, i fix it. And its ok

Your game is not bad. Its quite fun and stylized. Its sad you missunderstand theme :( 

Very interesting jam entry. Can recommend! 

i had nice chills :) not bad... 

no theme here

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Very nice twist with theme. Personally i dont like jumping on "up" key, its unintuitive and can be uncomfortable. But anyway good entry. Very dynamic gameplay. Cool entry

Quality submission. Rated highly

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yeah i tried making torpedos invisible and it didnt work well. I was constantly dying and didnt even know why. Its generally bad idea to design game in way so players cant see what killed them

To all: please do yourself a favor and play this game. Its amazing!

holy! This is so far best entry i played! I spent a lot of time with this one! Simple and challenging yet super addicting. Its absolute blast!

I got this error while trying to run game:

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
SecurityError: The operation is insecure.

Any idea how to fix it?

whoah! Very cool prototype! I enjoyed it a lot. Nice idea

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Very nice graphics. But 900 mb gamefiles is too muh

i like art. Unfortunatelly camera movement made me dizzy after while :( nice concept, i could definitivelly see future game in it

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From jam page:

  • Top voted games on the Itch page and the discord will be submitted as finalists to the judges. Each judge will give each game a score out of 10. The top rated game wins! Results will be in 2 weeks after the final submission day.

Okay here is problem:

i often participating in game jams and i noticed one thing: quality of games on jams are not determined by their ratings meaning top voted games are often not best ones.

Just check storefronts and you can clearly see that amount of clickbaitery and meme games is super high, effectively creating wall in front of really good and clever hidden gems.

I dont remember which one but one of edition of LDs winner was super shitty low quality meme game. It was caused by bad voting system and if i remember correctly, it was stormed by faked accounts and manipulated to high votes.

I also noticed that with rating jams submission time matters. Like when you submit it in wrong time frame, you got zero to few ratings independent on game quality.

Simply put: if only top voted games will be submited for judges, there is high chance of risk that highly voted games are NOT the best games which is super sad for rated jams. Especially bad for prized jams.

Game jams once were opportunity to unchain your imagination and unleash inner creative craziness but slowly starts to require storefronts like marketing techniques just to gain attention

Just some stuff to think about

very super cool! Love it! 

super cute and super well done! Please sir, take my high ratings. Absolutelly deserved

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i got error on web build: abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

Edit: i played standalone and controlls are... well... not great. I dont know why you decided to ditch diagonal movement but lack of it makes game very clunky. Its not smooth. 

Anyway atmosphere is good, graphics are cool. You put ton of effort into creating this nice assets, music, ingame text and did not polished most important thing: controlls. And its breaking game :(

i like how clean your graphics are. Its not easy to create 3d effect while keeping clean presentation and not ending with pixelated mess. Awesome jam entry (like everytime)

models are broken and incompleted :(

there is no link for actual game :( 

missing ddls in archives

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Check my games in my profile for portfolio