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very super cool! Love it! 

super cute and super well done! Please sir, take my high ratings. Absolutelly deserved

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i got error on web build: abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

Edit: i played standalone and controlls are... well... not great. I dont know why you decided to ditch diagonal movement but lack of it makes game very clunky. Its not smooth. 

Anyway atmosphere is good, graphics are cool. You put ton of effort into creating this nice assets, music, ingame text and did not polished most important thing: controlls. And its breaking game :(

i like how clean your graphics are. Its not easy to create 3d effect while keeping clean presentation and not ending with pixelated mess. Awesome jam entry (like everytime)

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im sorry. I just checked. You just have bad aim :( but granted: objects are very small and qute fast. So its not entirely your fault. Some gameplay optimalisation could make it better

models are broken and incompleted :(

there is no link for actual game :( 

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are you sure you aimed well? It always register, you just did not hit them (i admit, its quite difficult)

missing ddls in archives

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Check my games in my profile for portfolio