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Here is the link: https://ssunlimited.itch.io/various-actions-human-base-images

The base does many things including walking and punching among others

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Here is the item: https://ssunlimited.itch.io/playing-cards-and-dice

This is mine. I would appreciate any kind of support including giving good ratings to this, donations, telling others about this, reviewing this, posting good comments and other things.

As a person who has bought twice from this seller, I really wish there were up and down all these character states so that I could buy these. Please make these. If you make these up and down, I will buy this definitely.

I think that these are... great!! I can use them any way I want to except resell them and there are so many of them and I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for these and they look so good.

Thank you! I appreciate you playing this (even for free) and leaving me feedback. Please give me a good rating for this. It would be nice to support me in other ways too.

Hey! I have some items up on my itch.io account. Here is what they are:

Battle Spirit is a "Name Your Price" video game. If you donate to it, I'll use the funds to create a big(ger) game. Otherwise, you could play for free.

Dark Assault- An RPG Maker-made game. Read about it inside.

Human Base in Various Poses- This one is used to edit into characters for your game. I have included samples. It can be useful for some people.

The Art of Game Development- I have just released it yesterday. It helps you get into game development as a musical composer, game designer, game programmer and game artist. It includes how you can train for those (so you get good at those) as well as helpful tips and helpful websites.

Here is that store of mine: https://ssunlimited.itch.io

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Yes, 32x32 pixels of each frame.

A sample of the Southern sprite is attached which you can download for free, to get an idea.