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Oh I forgot to update the description then. I did so now. 

it already has them. 

I've released a basic dialogue system for Unity 2D. In order to use it best, you must know some of how to use the game engine. This includes:

  • Dynamic text that changes/adds whenever the current inputted text is overflown
  • Some assets/resources to use already
  • Extremely easy to use once you have set it up
  • Really intuitive to use
  • Full project/source code available

See it here:

Thanks! If you've truly found these helpful can you rate and review these well and donate and spread the word about my store here?

The resolution of the sprites is 32x32 pixels.

So some people try to buy from my page but it doesn't work. The error they receive is "Your payment can't be completed. Please return to the participating website and try again." On Paypal,, I receive the money, then it gets reversed/refunded. I have called Paypal many times but they couldn't help me. They first said I needed to be CIP verified. I have done so with them and they said that I am now CIP verified but I my clients still can't buy from me. What is going on? Is this a problem on Please help me out.

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Nice! Are the battlers online sideways and not top or bottom? Also, what actions can they perform?

I don't understand why this item sells as well as it, here it is:

Why does it sell so well? I didn't spend any money advertising it, and I've hardly advertised it at all. The tags don't seem to be it. I have other equally good items but they don't sell this well at all. The buildings sprites are great, I think they're an even better product than this, but they don't sell well at all.

The prices currently cost $3.99. They will be less on sale, but there won't be any sale anytime soon (definitely not this year).

Os preços atualmente custam US $ 3,99. Eles estarão menos à venda, mas não haverá venda em breve (definitivamente não este ano).

Hey! Well that company sure did the job and it seemed professional. The guy who I've hired for $600 has 4 years experience in marketing and I could tell he knew what he was doing but it didn't work. He used Facebook Business.

I feel that those advices you have given to me won't be of (much) help to me.

I honestly don't know but may be my book isn't so good. It seems I've made a mistake in "getting profits from your games". But I did give at least some good advice in the book, based on my experience. That part seems to not be in my experience, I'm sorry if I've done something bad.

Actually, I have posted on Quora about my ebook and it has sold. Maybe your ideas/advices for me aren't so bad after all!!

Here they are:

  • Link Targeter- testing package
  • My own custom Facebook ads
  • I've hired and spent $600 (which to me is a lot of money) on both the ads and the marketer to use ads on Facebook Business on both my page and other pages relating to my ebook. He made other pages because he said the page wasn't doing any sales. 

Hey! I have looked for this topic here but I couldn't find anything so I am asking here. I was just wondering how I can get more visitors and get more sales on my page? I've tried all sorts of advertising but I got very few sales.

How can I customize the theme of my profile page? I want to make it dark but can't find a way to do so.

it's not a game but the game's graphic assets.

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Here is my store/web page:

If you have any good ideas or constructive criticism that could help me get more sales that I could use, please give them to me. I will greatly appreciate it.

Please promote my games. If you can only promote one of the games, please promote the first one. Here they are:

Dark Assault:

Battle Spirit:

This includes graphics files (in .png format):

  1. Weapons (including both idle and animated ones) such as scythes, bazookas etc...
  2. Auras (wind aura, electric aura etc.)
  3. Skills (electricity, fire, wind etc.)
  4. Items
  5. Miscellaneous things
  6. Special Effects

Here it is:

This contains 10 buildings and 133 files of them. These buildings are 2D top-down pixel art sprites. These are Pokémon-like buildings.

Here it is:

Your Mac and phone versions aren't made right. For the Mac and iOS you need to use XCode on a Mac to create it. For the phone you need to make it into an APK file. I can't play those.

Hello! I am a fan of you, finalbossblues. I have a number of your things and even donated/tipped the Name Your Price things. I have some questions about these, please answer them:

1) What can I do with these effects?

2) Can I use these effects in a top-down fighting game I'm making as special skills? I have my characters charge and release states. If I can do this, how can I do these?

So you mean these are for The Legend of Zelda-like games?

Here is the link:

The Dark Assault has begun. Monsters are everywhere, humans are panicking, and the princess has been kidnapped. One courageous boy sees this as a chance to finally prove to himself that he's not a boy anymore. Someone has to stop this madness, and that boy is Arnold. This is his destiny, your destiny.

Conquer the monstrous evil through the mind of Arnold in this Fantasy RPG and bring the princess back home. Find allies on your journey and convince them to aid you in your cause, arm them and yourself with epic gear, growing an army to retaliate this dark invasion. Become the hero you always wanted to be!

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why do these look so much like those SNES Legend of Zelda games?

Hi! I am Gene and here I am trying to sell things off of my store.

I am a Unity (game engine) developer and am an intermediate at it. I am trying to get good at pixel art too. I also have self-taught myself some Game Design and Quality Assurance.

I have 70 credits towards a B.S. in CS but might also get an A.A.S. in CIS soon.

At my store I sell (for a price or Name Your Price):

  • 3 graphic assets(all top-down, 2D, pixel art sprites)
  • 2 video games (one is a full game, one is a demo)
  • 1 ebook on game development

Please see my store!!

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Oh ok I get it now!!

Can you tell me is selling this for $1.29 a fair price for everyone? Maybe I should increase it or decrease it?

What do you mean by the last comment?

Here is the link:

There are over 80 sprites of monsters/beasts of 20 of them in 4 directions.

Here is the link:

The base does many things including walking and punching among others

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Here is the item:

This is mine. I would appreciate any kind of support including giving good ratings to this, donations, telling others about this, reviewing this, posting good comments and other things.

As a person who has bought twice from this seller, I really wish there were up and down all these character states so that I could buy these. Please make these. If you make these up and down, I will buy this definitely.

I think that these are... great!! I can use them any way I want to except resell them and there are so many of them and I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for these and they look so good.

Thank you! I appreciate you playing this (even for free) and leaving me feedback. Please give me a good rating for this. It would be nice to support me in other ways too.

Hey! I have some items up on my account. Here is what they are:

Battle Spirit is a "Name Your Price" video game. If you donate to it, I'll use the funds to create a big(ger) game. Otherwise, you could play for free.

Dark Assault- An RPG Maker-made game. Read about it inside.

Human Base in Various Poses- This one is used to edit into characters for your game. I have included samples. It can be useful for some people.

The Art of Game Development- I have just released it yesterday. It helps you get into game development as a musical composer, game designer, game programmer and game artist. It includes how you can train for those (so you get good at those) as well as helpful tips and helpful websites.

Here is that store of mine:

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Yes, 32x32 pixels of each frame.

A sample of the Southern sprite is attached which you can download for free, to get an idea.