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This thing would probably be something like a boss robot or somethin'.

- Ally AI robots that require your own upgrades to become a better robot (chapter 3)

- tiered elements (fire > magmatic > volcanic) (repeating challenges at a higher difficulty)

- shielded enemies that can only be hit on the back (chapter 3)

- enemies that can't be attacked on certain limbs with a glowing aura (1 at a time)

- switches that can be operated by player or operator-bots

- operator-bots wont attack, but instead operate the nearest switch in the battlefield

- elements: shadow > blink > umbra (can physically go through enemies, and enemies cant hit you, but can instead hit others beside you), acid > toxic > nuclear (works like fire, but slows enemies down and it cant completely kill enemies)

when you wanna do this stuff too but it cost money

like why

Cut stuff up.

I also think there should be different tiers of elements.

Fire > Magma > Scorching

Ice > Frost > Glacier

Each new tier being a harder version of the previous.

I don't see the point in this. Unless you can get an upgrade that is locked by progression standards.

I prefer to call it Stolen Parts

Its likely this game would have elemental weapons considering it has fire

- Riot Robots (doesn't take damage in the front, weakness is the back)

- Shield (Mouse 2 with sword)

- Really big robots. Like really big.

- Katana (Longer range sword)

- Robot assistants (after Chapter 3?)

- Different environments

- Neon robots

- PvP (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Tournament)

idk lol