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I use TyranoBuilder to code the game.

Yes I do. I go by ssjninja378#3920

Payment: None, it's volunteer work.

Hours: When I or a team member need art to work from, or for the game.

Description: I need artists who can work with a school setting and can compliment each other's art styles. I've been using Mannequin for my art, and while I won't deny that it looks good, I prefer art made by others than me using a character editor.  By accepting the place you agree to draw art of characters around the ages of 15-18 and adults (occasionally) with designs based on their personality.

Project Name: Alesia's Story: Portcast High

Current State: Nowhere near finished

I would like the ability to add props to a character's hand. Like a microphone or a phone. This could help add those who want to make games have a lot more customisation items. More poses for males would also be appreciated.

Hey. Can you add an .OGG version? TyranoBuiler only lets me use OGG files