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This is good fun, the idea of staying in the acceptable range is clever - and it gives you a chance to rectify any mistakes you make. I don’t think I have the coordination to use WASD and arrow keys independently, so I didn’t get all that far…but I’m diving in again. Wish me luck : )

As a lover of RTS games and puzzle games, Magic Frontier is right up my alley! Although the screenshots look like your typical RTS, it’s a deterministic and clever puzzle game. I truly love the concept behind this game.

Really nice game! The dice abilities and placement make each turn a nice puzzle.

Nice variety of puzzles, I really like this!

There is no fixed end - it’s a “see how far you can get” type deal. However… getting higher than 26 points would be a real struggle!

New update is fantastic. I’m enjoying all the items which really help you to tailor a build. Growth is a super saucy keyword!

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I really like the skill trees, and the row at the top showing the turn order. I would have liked positioning to be more impactful, but that aside, I’m impressed. Good job!

Edit: I’ve just noticed some of the later abilities mention rows/columns, I take back my comments about positioning!

Printed and gave this a play. Really nice to see a physical submission to the jam!

I liked the way allies and enemies worked - rolling a die and seeing which option you get. My preference would have been for the main hero to work like that too.

Nice work!

This is such a good idea. Super nice job.

Nice game! The feedback you get when the wire is stretched too far is very clear. I like games that you can play without being told how.

Nice, thanks! This feels much more responsive to me, big fan : )

This is a fun auto-battler, good job! I got upset when one of my brigands decided to take a diving leap of the column in round 3, he must have been ordered to walk the plank… never mind, I knew I should have gone for an army of monkeys : ) The mix of 2d and 3d looks really nice.

I’ve been looking forward to your submission, and you did not disappoint! This is really fun. It took me a while to properly grasp that it’s only the tiles directly connected to the new tetronimo which trigger. Each level is like a little puzzle, and it works well. I have only managed to get to floor 6 so far, but I’ll get the elusive 7th floor sooner or later…

If I could offer one suggestion: it would be to make the animations much faster. After getting the mechanics down, I want to be able to zip through a run!

Thanks for fixing this, it’s a fun game!

FYI the executable inside the app doesn’t have execute permission for some reason. For anyone else who wants to run on mac, run this before opening: chmod a+x ~/Downloads/Rotund\ Dungeon\ (Mac\ Build).app/Contents/MacOS/ROTUND\ DUNGEON (or wherever the app is)

This is really unique, I love it : )

If you do one, I’d like to watch.

I’m very happy to see a broughlike! This is a really nice one, and I enjoyed working out what each of the spells did. This is my favourite submission that I’ve played so far.

It feels perhaps a bit too easy, I think the difficulty could easily increase as you make your way down the floors. I got to a score of 5150 (floor 75), but stopped as I think I could have gone on for a looooong time.

Iterating on the entry since 2011 is a wicked concept. I look forward to seeing what 2022’s improvements bring :)

Crazy good game. Since it is deterministic, each stage feels like a little puzzle. (Because of this, I would have appreciated the ability to unplay cards, so I can play around until I find the perfect ordering.)

Great interactions - e.g. when I realised I could push enemies into the poison potion, I was more excited than I should have been. The characters feel nicely different too.

I’m going to be playing a lot of this. Ok, enough writing, I need to go unlock the rest of the heroes!

How did you manage this in 7 days?! I’m seriously impressed. When I first saw the screenshot of your plan, I was expecting the game to take place all in a tetris game, not this rich world you have included.

A simpler control scheme would have been great as I found the vast number of controls a bit daunting, especially as I could work out how to bring up help in-game. I also found it tough, even on easy, but that might say more about me than the game!

(Also, the jar works on Mac too in case you want to add the support icon!)

It’s nice to see a broughlike! It’s nice looking, but man, this game is hard.

Cool concept! Was exciting to pick up other party members.

I extracted it, but I only see .exe’s inside the folder, no .app for mac.

I didn’t complete the game, but those mysterious glyphs are immediately intriguing and make me want to discover what they mean. Would love to see more on that theme.

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I loved picking a “starting rune” in the first room. (Reminiscent of picking a starting pokémon back in the day…)

Looks cool! But I can’t play! Is Mac supported? I see the support icon, but can’t work out how to run it from what’s in the archive…

Oh, I’m a huge fan of this spell composition mechanic. The game felt quite easy because the spells can be OP, and there’s a lot of healing around… but that’s not a huge problem, because I loved playing around with the spells!

Great job. I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of your games : )

This is a cool game. There seems so much content for 7 days, I’m impressed!

How do you spend the resources (gems, wood etc.) you pick up?

I like the idea of telling stories using the files you find on all the servers.

I found it a bit difficult to see which servers were connected to what, and I found myself wanting to click on a computer to connect to it. Still, it’s a cool concept : )

I’m already sold with the name alone to be honest. As a bonus, the game’s looking nice!

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As someone who had to tie a tie every day for school, I’d say you got it pretty spot on!

Very funny, too. I love the innovation of having to hold the keyboard up.

There’s a whole of replayability packed into this game. I love deciding which heroes to upgrade, where to put the items. And, the combat itself is superb. Being able undo lets you approach each round as a mini-puzzle.

I’ve gotten the best of the Dragon twice now, wish me luck for (hard) run number 3!

Agreed! I don’t even know Ludipe managed to come up with the idea in time. Such elegant and simple games are the hardest to come up with, I think.

It’s cool that for subsequent laps you can see where you veered off, and you’ll know to brake more/earlier.

Very interesting post! As I was reading Phase 2, I was wondering if I could exploit the easy AI’s predictability and goad it into making bad moves… but then Phase 3 came and ruined it :)

For the closing remarks: I would love to read more posts like this.

Ok, I finally beat the computer on easy, now to conquer medium… This is a good game! Simple rules, difficult to get good at. I really enjoy seeing new ideas being added to existing games (like Othello).

Losing your shield when you attack is a really neat idea I’ve not seen before. Nice game : )

This game is really cool. Love the idea. Good to know others are still remembering AoE2 fondly! Also good job on the multiplayer - allowing guest accounts, and making it easy to play with friends. Makes it super accessible.