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Related (For 64 bits Manjaro users)

Besides AUR's lib32-libnotify there are some other packages that need to be installed too:

lib32-gtk3 (removing lib32-gtk3-classic)

I think that's enough to pull the dependency chain necessary for running this game. If not, just read console output then ask for help. :)

Great game! There is some glitches here and there, and some design problems (like entering the room with enemies inside the player), but this game was made for a game jam, so nothing more fair than to ignore these details. The game was very fun and would love to see more like this (without the green and black graphics, which I don't like).

Hello LockeCole88, and thanks for the feedback! :D

I admit that I didn't very well managing my time to create the game and it's my fault that it isn't so polished, I wanted to spend more time creating the King Slime AI, that and other details. But thanks for pointing out some mistakes that I really didn't noticed before, I will strive to make the fights more meaningful and make them more exciting.
Sorry about the last cutscene, I intend to make the story more fluid, unfortunately I don't think I figured out how to get the idea of the game with the little resource and time that there was at the moment in a satisfactory way.
But a thousand thanks for the feedback, it was very important to me, about the tips you gave me, noted!
About Godot, it was a little uncomfortable for the workflow he gave me, he's very powerful but he unnecessarily puts rocks in the way sometimes, so since I'm already a C ++ programmer, I'm thinking of the possibility of migrating the engine, since the Godot is somewhat heavy and time is no longer such a limitation.

Thanks for the feedback and see ya! (I hope)

This is a game that I made to participate in the Indie Game Making Contest, initially I planned to do a small project but as the ideas were flowing and the project was growing, things took a different turn in my mind and now I decided to make this my long term project, I really enjoyed what I started and want to finish it.

You live in Solaria, a peaceful and happy island where everybody is in harmony one with each others, you're a hunter, the monsters in the island are minimal and their existence is harmless most of the time, so although they sometimes cause problems your job is a bit more like a hobby than a necessity. But now something is happening, the townspeople are becoming ill and having waves of nightmares and uneasiness, not only this but also the monsters are now appearing in large amounts and are causing a great problem everybody. And you, closest to the answer than anyone else, must find the answer!

Cover of the prototype

Click in the image to access the game page

This game is Zelda-like and story driven, when you start the game you'll see the similarities, and this is until going to get better, I can't tell much more about the story since it's going to turn out into spoilers, so all what I can ask it's a chance, I assure you that you will not regret it. :P

If you liked the game and want to support me, there is a Rate for Indie Game Making Contest 2018 in the screen, you don't have to but this will for sure help me a lot, this vote is also a way to measure the popularity and the desire of the public to have the game finalized, if the game goes well in it has chances of the own Degica to be interested in to publish and perhaps even to finance the game, if not, the Jam prize would be enough to accelerate greatly the development of the game. But it's entirely up to you whether or not to do so.