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I should have made this a browser game (But now I can't since I deleted the Unity file)

TBH I haven't made anything with it since sometime last year... I really need to start learning it again

Hi Joe

You can't download anything on an iPhone that isn't on the App Store without jailbreaking it

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Do you think you might be able to make a Linux version?

Sadly that's not possible

Very nice!

I agree!


Uh, hello?

Thanks, but I recently discovered that she's actually a he!

This game would be perfect with a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons!

This game is really weird (in a good way, of course!)


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Check out OBS Studio, it's a free open-source screen recording program :)

WHAT!? One of the featured games has an inappropriate hand gesture! I don't want to see that! Why can't I hide it?

I downloaded Baldi's Basics, and now my Recommended section is full of horror games! I really don't like horror games (with the exception of Baldi), so there should be a way to remove the "horror" tag from my recommended section.

Yeah, it looks great! Did you make it with Blender?

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Welcome, CallidusBoy! :)

Thanks, but I want to make my own 3D stuff (I'll try to learn maybe next summer or something)

The explanation is in the game

Spaghetti slots

Thank you!

The walls are magnetic

What was the old version of the game like? (The one for Ludum Dare 35)

You make 47 cents a day??

Weird thing I found: if you hold left or right and don't let go, you can pass over the water and stick to the wall

I have this game on my Nintendo Switch!

I think that would make it a little too Pac-Man like... :P

Pretty much, but it also has a bigger story.