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Ok I'll play the game now you munchkin.

Yeah, don't know why but mine got legitimately deleted off the submissions.

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Are you sure this is your first game. This is like really good. Definitely the best out of this game jam I've seen so far. It's so simple but just so awesome. The most compelling part about games like these is the unspoken story, we have all consumed zombie content before so the story tells itself beyond the first few sentences.

 There aren't many mechanics but the mechanics that are there are perfect. This game avoids being overcomplicated and just decides to do a small number of things just right. Maybe it fits the theme in two ways. Or maybe I'm just being dramatic. Anyway, awesome project, keep it up.

PS: I don't even think it needs sounds. Continuos explosion noises would ruin the fun of spamming really quickly. Maybe at most music could be good but I still think it would be unnecessary.

Hello, this is mine:

It's a puzzle game and I'd love some criticism too.

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Just use a polygon collider for triangles and stuff. It'd work well.


Best game 2021. I can tell a lot of work has went into this. Big respect man. Keep on fighting the big fight. Keep on keeping on.

Good sounds, good pace, good fun. I like the art as well. I mainly think the controls and UI could use a little work. It feels a little weird only using the mouse to pick up stuff but not to give it to customers and the UI is a little bland and not very deliberately scaled. Did you use scaling on your canvas in unity or is it a fixed width and height? Great job overall though. Next time for a small and easily runnable game upload it as a web app, it'll get a lot more attention cause people are lazy.

The movement is very smooth for a game jam platformer. The largest criticism I could give is the inconsistency of the visual design. Like the blood splats are squares for example. I think you could try using pixel art for much more consistent results without wasting much time.

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yeah yeah I'm just kidding around, I updated my post. It's pretty clear.

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This game is crazy.  I rate it 732/834. The speeds a little much, maybe the player needs more friction (this would also mean depression would have to be slowed as well). Depression would be really cool and intimidating if you used a particle system coming from it.

Cool little shoot'em up. Music's a little overwhelming though.

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OK kid. lets go:

 it's rated

Simple and fun.

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The concept has a lot of room for innovation. The game feels a little messy though. If you used more contrasting colours it would give a lot more solidity to the feeling of the room and make it feel way more polished. For example, make the walls black to contrast the player.

Looks kinda cool but it's very hard just to get over spikes. The colliders are obviously all rectangles.

I like the resolution idea. Attacking feels unresponsive though like I don't know if I'm doing damage. It would be cool if the gremlins/ogres/orcs/goblins/aliens/green people like flashed red and go knocked back when you hit them.

Funny concept. Terrible experience. Great game. Overall 382/400.


The cover art I mean.

Cool project but very underdeveloped. I like how it feels but things like the scene not restarting when you lose and no option to quit make it feel a little messy. Fits the theme well. Keep on keeping on dude.

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I like how the balls get squished and squashed when you move them fast. Is that a Godot thing?

If this game doesn't win the theme category, this game jam is a sham. 

I really like the style.

I believe it follows the theme as having less cards is better because there is a max of 4.

The starting cut scene gave me viva pinata nostalgia. Don't know why.