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Aw im sorry about that! We will fix the HTML5 version soon! The downloadables are a newer version of the game and work great


Of course! Missed the reopening while I was asleep! Bless y’all thanks had fun. Best of luck. Sorry again.

Sorry for any rudeness I was very emotional that my game wouldn’t be represented, I did in fact join the jam though itch the day I found out about it so not sure why you’re saying that

Sorry about that, there was something wrong about exporting just the project by itself, which hasn’t been an issue with other games. I had fixed it and reuploaded the working version 1.36 and that one does work 🙂

Thank you! I was still just learning the ropes of Godot, try out Housesitter! Much better and prettier survival horror.

Thank you!

dude thanks! :D

Im so upset this is absolutely ridiculous

Not cool at all, responded to my post here saying that I COULD still submit our game yet the itch page never reflected that. Can y’all please fix this it’s so messed up.

Just to remind you guys, the itch page for the jam did not give an option for me to submit. Feels like yall told me the thing was gonna end tomorrow and pulled the rug out

honestly really frustrated i made such a beautiful game for this jam and yall dont even let me post it

dude where? i finished and posted it hours ago 9pm CST

Mac Version may say v1-35 but it’s actually v1-36

Updated the Windows download, it is working now

We made housesitter just for this game and i thought the submission ending date was advertised as June 2nd. Very sad. pls let us submit xD we slaved over the game for a week and a half

The game does not seem to like mouse input on the web version, works perfectly fine if you download it.

so gud