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Hi DatMasterHunts

You made us laugh so much. 

My apologies for the bug that brings your character back to the beginning room. We've fixed it now.

Thank you for the video. It's so funny. : )

Hey, the term 'Ragdoll games' and your view point are  so inspiring. 

We've been wondering why people seem to like this game. Listened to you, it makes so much sense.

Hi friend : ) 

Thank you very much for the very practical solution. It helps us looking from a fresh perspective.


We are the same team who works with Lancelot. 

In simple words, this prototype is a more polished version of it's predecessor originated from Ludum Dare 39.

We clearified it on Lancelot's page as well. : )

Thank you leafo for showing it on the homepage. : )

Thanks for sharing your play with us Geg.

Your advise on the controls really gives insight.

May I ask what interest you the most from the game, as it is the question we are hopping to find out in this prototype demo.

By the way, Murikami’s books are really famous here in China as well. We are all fans.

Hi Skydjinn

Thank you so much for pointing out the control problems and how it can overly frustrate players in such details. This really helps us to better evaluate the balance between a sleepy experience and the appropriate difficulty level.

We are very eager to find out what exactly is the game’s uniqueness when compared with so many other interesting games. From your video, i sout of assume for you it’s the crawling action in a platformer style that is refreshing. Is that right? Or could you add a bit more to help us understand? 

Hi Rhys Da King

Thanks for sharing your play. It’s so hilarious watching it.

Finding the appropriate difficulty for this game is something that we are still experimenting now. Your video gives very valuable feedback. 

Hi Raithias

Could you describe how the controls are annoying your experience?

We are trying many things to simulate the gaming experience of a sleepy person. Some feedbacks from you could really help us rethink about the designs. : )

The pillows can be destroyed by the broken glasses come from picture frames. 

And yes, although the caffeine won’t help you destroy pillows, it does offer a short time invincibility.

Hi CandyMan

It’s not, because we are the team who made the LD demo Yet Another Exhausted Day.

We thought “exhausting” is better, so we changed the name. This new prototype aims to help us evaluate how players like some new gameplays we are experimenting. 

If you liked the previous demo, we are looking forward to know how you think about this one. : )

I see. 

Thanks for letting me know the problems. Nomnom. 


It's a good one. I can't stop laughing. 

Thanks for the  recommendation. Your episodes cover image and  title sequence is very stylish. Impressive.

Trying to roll over the moving pillow is a really creative solution. : )

(1 edit)

You are exhausted, yet you can't go to sleep.

Yet Another Exhausting Day is a 3D crawling platformer about ordinary people’s exhausting lives. Play as an exhausted person, evade comfy pillows, smash photo frames and flower pots, brawl with vacuum cleaners, and do everything you can to fight the drowsiness.

You are welcomed to download and play this prototype here.

The game is still in development. If you like the game, please free feel to share your thoughts with us on how to make it more fun.

Have fun. : )

Thanks. : )

Do you find those silly glitches funny? Or is it only appears annoying and unfair?

We really would like to know on what level the game humous players.

Me too.

Thank you so much for sharing your game experience with us.

In the video, you didn't try to attack the hoover. Could you tell me why?

: )

Thank you for your kind recognition and valuable feedbacks.

We really appreciate your contest invitation. We enrolled the game! : )