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Due to some problems with my google account, BaldGuy's basics on android will be delayed. I'm trying to fix this as best as I can and it'll take a while. I will keep you guys up to date with what's going to happen.

I recommend Unity and not Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Take this project for an example.

Hello people. Hope you are staying safe from the spread of the magical COVID-19 and is spending money on the game. I have noticed that Act 1 is messed up also. The game freezes when you collect the 8 notebooks in Beta 3 so Beta 4 will now be Pre-Release 1.

You may have stuff you want to ask. Ask your question in the comment section, I'll try to reply to your question. Here are some questions you may have for the Pre-Release phase.

  1. Q: How much money will the Pre-Release cost? A: The same as Beta, $1.99
  2. Q: How do I request a BaldGuy Arena skin? A: I'm working on it. have a suggestion? Comment below what I should add. Only a few will get their suggestion in the game.
  3. Q: Will the modkit work on it? A: It should work, it worked in the Betas so I'll make sure it does.

Thank you and stay at home and safe.

Beta 1 is broken and will be fixed in Beta 2. In the mean time, get Alpha 4 until Beta 2 releases.

Hello. I've came to answer your questions about the Beta. If you have any questions, comment below. Here are questions I think you'll ask.

Question 1:
Q: Is the beta phase free?
A: I'm sorry. But no. The Beta phase is not free. It will cost $1.99.

Question 2:
Q: Is Act 2 going to be worked on?
A: Yes. Act 2 will begin to be made. As in Alpha 2-3, we got a playable part of an testing area that says "Act 2 Coming Soon" in the bottom. In Alpha 4, we got the outro cutscene. I will be working on Act 2 in the Beta.

Question 3:
Q: Will the Beta be on mobile?
A: I am going to see how it turns out. If it succeeds, I will release a Android version. I can't afford Apple yet.

Question 4:
Q: Is there going to be anti-piracy in the game?
A: I will work on it.

Question 5:
Q: Am I allowed to make a mod of this game?
A:  I love modders. I really do. They make funny versions of the game. I even was a modder when modding Baldi's Basics. However, modding paid games will be a problem to most developers. Basically because modders would upload the entire game for free but with different skins or modded scripts to "convince" people that it's not a rip of the original game. However, in Alpha 4, I added a modkit and loader so you can make mods. I wanted to make it easier for people to mod the game by just using Unity and I put scripts, prefabs, prepared scripts, and sprites to make sure you have the best time modding.

Any other questions, ask below. Thanks.

U know, I have a game of myself called BaldGuy's Basics. It has online multiplayer and has a modkit. You see, you should go to the asset store and download modtool. Modtool is a plugin that loads mods people make. You need to use Unity to make the mods so I've created a modkit without online multiplayer to protect my server. The modkit and loader will be released in Alpha 4 of BaldGuy which releases soonish.

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Hello. We are hosting a contest where you must create a ad for PC and you get beta 1 for free. The top three people will have their ad posted on YouTube. Post now. Also, give us a link to the video. It must be from mediafire or mega. No shortening links. Be sure to add your email if you want beta 1.

Hello. Derpy's 2nd Birthday is 5/8/2020. Help me spread it to the world. Thanks.