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Penrose community · Posted in Bugs

User directional input while falling through a hole causes player to hover within the hole. Moving any direction after that allows the player to pop up back onto the level and continue; avoiding their doom.

Can't wait for the release, man!

Hello, mrpete. Yes, a VR headset is required to use this application. I have thought about adding a PC mode in the future but for now am focusing on the VR aspects of the game.

Project link:

WWII VR is a VR application created by a single college student over a two year period. In the application, users will be able to observe vehicles, weapons, clothing and more in 1:1 scale. They will also be able to listen to music from various countries during the WWII era (feature still in development), watch real time simulated battles and more! The project is still currently in development but I will be continuing to update current features as well as add others when not working on school work.

Please be aware that some parts of the application contain graphic imagery.  I will soon be adding a parental block system to disable said features