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Fun got stuck after a while. It was fun while it lasted.

Simple and effective game. Love the face expression when losing the shell.

I liked it alot, fun game.

This had alot of orginality and clever with them turning around.

Ill fix after the jam is over. feels bit unfair to work on the game while its under rating.
Thanks glad you enjoyed.

All tiles through the game is 16x16 testyed making a hitbox with the size 14x14. and with that it gave the slash 2 more pixels to the sides. so you could kill enemies through walls. so now i need to make the slash 14x14 aswell. Should work.

Simple, I played as long as i could in one sitting.

When I got to red background it became very hard, I belive impossible . fun while it lasted.

Yeah it became bit advanced couldnt help myself. Swinging the sword is fun! thanks!
Thanks for playing and commenting.

Hi thanks for playing. I dont understand what you mean with collisions? i know it can be a hazzle to go throught a gap. its becouse i used collide with box, meaning it has an collision box of 16x16 and one tile is 16x16 so it needs to be pixel perfect to pass, Also i can make a smaler collision box so it gets easier to pass?

Good game i liked it. Good tunes aswell.

Wheres my family? Then the game closes.
Felt like i was lured with candy.

Thanks, I really liked your first cut game.

Fun game thanks for sharing!

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Hi im a 2D game developer and im searching for an artist to help me out to make a metriodvania type of game. Ive done a metriodvania type of game before and i have a engine that works for it. So artworks would help out alot.

Had a Journey and i won!

Hi! Sorry i totaly missed you. See this now a year later.

Hi! Im working on a 2d pixel platformer and looking for a 2d pixel artist to join.
Got a 2D level editor complete and a moving character.


An orginal game for sure.


Hi! Started with my game yesterday, already got a prototype.